Industry Economic Impact Study 2023

In 2023, IFDA conducted a comprehensive economic impact study of the foodservice distribution industry in the United States. Measuring the physical footprint and economic impact, the study quantifies the full impact the industry has on the national and state economies.

The U.S. foodservice distribution industry delivers ingredients and supplies to professional kitchens in all 50 states, from independent and chain restaurants, to healthcare facilities and schools. We offer rewarding career opportunities and upward mobility, and support hunger relief efforts in communities across America.

Key Highlights:

  • Foodservice distributors engage a workforce of 431,000 people. The industry also supports 487,000 ancillary jobs in other industries through employee spending and supply chain impact, making the total employment impact 918,000. 
  • The industry generates direct sales of  $382 billion per year, and supports an additional $100 billion in output across the broader economy, bringing the total economic impact of foodservice distributors to $482 billion.
  • Foodservice distributors donate 7.5 million cases of food and beverage products annually. The total value of food donated is estimated to $331 million.
  • IFDA estimates there are 17,100 foodservice distribution center locations in the U.S., which deliver 12 billion cases of product to restaurants and foodservice outlets annually, which equals an average of 33 million cases per day.
  • Foodservice distributors operate a vehicular fleet of 168,300 power units, trailers, trucks, and non-CDL vehicles, which are driven 4.2 billion miles per year by 135,000 drivers.

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