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IFDA Learning Exchanges

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June 24-25, 2024

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The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans, LA

Overview Section

Join us in new orleans June 24-25, 2024

IFDA Learning Exchanges are an intimate peer-to-peer forum that offers unparalleled networking opportunities and allows foodservice distribution professionals to discuss effective, practical solutions to and ideas around their everyday opportunities and challenges.
Interested in sponsoring the 2024 IFDA Learning Exchanges? We can help. Email Matthew Sherring for more information.

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Peer-driven discussions

The two-day meeting consists of 100% peer-driven discussions, with agendas made up of questions and topics in the areas of operations, IT/technology, HR and finance determined by participants. The meeting also offers unique opportunities to network with professionals from within your own field across organizations.

Participation is exclusive to representatives from foodservice distribution/redistribution companies that are IFDA members to foster open conversations.

“[These meetings] are an excellent opportunity to discuss best practices, pain points, and fresh ideas with your peers in a more intimate setting. The moderated discussion keeps the schedule on point, while also broadening the topics with knowledge from the industry. You can expect to walk away with a greater sense of how your KPIs line up industry wide, and new ideas to bring back and implement.”

Jim Hoss, Vice President, Transportation & Operations, Cash-Wa Distributing, in Kearney, NE

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

Meeting participation is exclusive to professionals at IFDA-member foodservice distribution and redistribution companies to foster open and uninhibited conversation. The June IFDA Learning Exchanges meeting focus is on the core disciplines of operations, IT/technology, human resources, and finance and is best suited for professionals in those fields, but individuals in other fields may also attend. There are no restrictions or requirements on title levels, but participants typically range from manager and director, to vice president and head-of-department. Discussions are generally held around tactical ideas and solutions to everyday practical challenges and opportunities rather than strategic directions and concepts.

Content & Speakers

We’ve consolidated the format to accommodate cross-over among many common discussion issues, so while we’ll still focus discussions around the core areas, individual disciplines will not be broken out by day. We have also condensed the meeting to two full days. In addition, registration will not be combined with the IFDA Solutions Conference, but a substantial discount will be applied to those who register for that event. Lastly, there will be no abbreviated Learning Exchange meeting in September.

What is the full Learning Exchanges Program?

We consolidated the various IFDA’s Share Group meetings under one umbrella program for a more cohesive approach to these popular forums. The full IFDA Learning Exchanges program consists of one standalone meeting focused on operations, IT/technology, HR and finance in June; one meeting focused on sales and marketing in conjunction with IFDA SMart in July (registration tied to that event); and one meeting focused on transportation held in conjunction with the IFDA National Championship in October (registration tied to that event).

Justify Your Attendance with an ROI Letter

Thank you for being so interested in attending the IFDA Learning Exchanges.

To help make the business case to your employer, please find a template letter below. It outlines the value that participating in the June 2024 IFDA Learning Exchanges meeting provides not just for you but also for your entire organization.

Download the Letter

More questions?

Email: Annika Stensson.

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