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IFDA is the community for foodservice distributors.

IFDA contributes to the growth, development, and success of the foodservice distribution industry through our outstanding advocacy, events, research, and education. 

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IFDA Membership

IFDA Members are problem solvers and supply chain experts who work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to deliver food safely and efficiently to every corner of America. IFDA’s membership spans the breadth of the industry to include broadline, systems, convenience, and specialty foodservice distributors that supply food and related products to restaurants, schools, universities, hospitals and care facilities, hotels and resorts, and other foodservice operations.

IFDA Report to Members

Foodservice Distribution- How it’s Done

A Brief History of IFDA


A group of food wholesalers concerned with advancing legislation to ensure food safety founded the NWGA (National Wholesale Grocers’ Association). The association had two primary areas of interest: presenting food distributor views to government and serving as a social forum. There was, at that time, no technical services provided to members, and members provided little more to their customers than products for purchase.


Formed by food distributors from the Northeast and Midwest, NWGA merged with the American Wholesale Grocers’ Association, a group serving mostly the Southeast. The new group was renamed the National-American Wholesale Grocers’ Association (NAWGA).


NAWGA merged with the U.S. Wholesale Grocers Association and that organization’s “Institutional Food Distributors of America (IFDA)” became NAWGA’s foodservice division. As IFDA’s membership expanded outside of the U.S., the name was changed to the International Foodservice Distributors Association.


The association’s Board of Governors voted to adopt a new name, Food Distributors International (NAWGA/IFDA), which more directly described the overall membership of the association.


IFDA’s Board of Directors voted to establish a freestanding trade organization dedicated to the unique needs of foodservice distributors. IFDA began operations as an independent entity on January 1, 2003.


IFDA continues to diligently work to advance the interests of foodservice distributors through government relations, industry relations, education, and research. We exist to help our members succeed!


If you want to learn more about the International Foodservice Distributors Association — its mission, member composition, services, and products, our latest IFDA Report to Members is an excellent resource. The report is released every two years when the Officers of the IFDA Board of Directors changes.