2023 End-of-Year Foodservice Industry Update

IFDA and Technomic developed this brief on recent foodservice distributor performance and foodservice dynamics. The Technomic-developed data is intended to help IFDA members recognize and better understand the trajectory of the foodservice business. This brief is meant to serve as an educational tool for distributors as they survey the foodservice landscape. With up-to-date insights, distributors can best position solutions directed at operator partners.


  • Summary of key data from Technomic’s “2023 Power 50 Broadline Distributor Report,” including recent and projected growth in facilities and sales.
  • Analysis of fooservice vs. retail food consumer spending.
  • Operator performance, including units, traffic, margins, and employment.
  • Operator trends related to use of distributor brands.

Price: Free to all IFDA members as an exclusive member benefit.

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