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IFDA Announces 2024 Board of Directors

The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) is proud to announce its 2024 Board of Directors, a dynamic group of industry leaders representing the breadth and depth of the foodservice distribution industry. From regional powerhouses to family-owned distributors and publicly traded companies, this diverse group brings a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives to the table.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have such a distinguished group of individuals guiding IFDA,” said Mark S. Allen, President and CEO of IFDA. “Their deep understanding of the business, unwavering commitment to the association, and forward-thinking vision will be instrumental as we navigate the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities of the foodservice industry.”

2024 Bod

IFDA Board of Directors

The 2024 IFDA Board of Directors is a true microcosm of the industry it serves. Each member brings unique skills and experiences to the table, creating a harmonious blend of knowledge that will benefit the association and its members in the year ahead.

  • Regional Representation: The board boasts members from across the United States, ensuring that the voices and concerns of all regions are heard.
  • Family-Owned Passion: Many board members hail from family-owned businesses, bringing a unique understanding of the challenges and triumphs of these vital players in the industry.
  • Public Market Prowess: Publicly traded distributors are also well-represented, providing valuable insights into the broader economic landscape and its impact on foodservice distribution.

A Commitment to Excellence

The 2024 IFDA Board of Directors is united by a shared passion for the foodservice industry and a deep commitment to the success of IFDA and its members. They are dedicated to:

  • Advocating for the industry: The board will work tirelessly to ensure that the voices of foodservice distributors are heard at all levels of government.
  • Providing valuable resources: The board will oversee the development of programs and initiatives that equip IFDA members with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive.
  • Shaping the future of foodservice distribution: The board will play a key role in identifying and addressing emerging trends and challenges, ensuring that IFDA remains at the forefront of the industry.
Ifda 2024 Partners 12

IFDA Officers

Suzanne Rajczi, Chair

Ginsberg’s Foods, Inc.

Mike Sweet, Vice Chair

Ben E. Keith Foods

Mark Harman, Treasurer

Board Member, Raydia Food Group
(Holding company for Stanz-Troyers)

Mark S. Allen

President & CEO

IFDA Directors

John Reisigl

President – Cheney Riviera
Cheney Brothers, Inc.

Bruce Kern

Curtze Food Service

Rick Robertson

President & CEO
Dennis Foodservice

Dick Tracy**

Dot Foods, Inc.

Bill Lewis

President & CEO
F.A.B Inc.

Rich Wolowski*

President & CEO
Gordon Food Service

Rick Jensen

Harbor Wholesale

Kellie Janssen

Henry’s Foods, Inc.

Susan Adzick

McLane Foodservice, Inc.

Peter Mouskondis

Nicholas & Company

Craig Hoskins*

President & COO
Performance Food Group

Bill Conrad

Prime Source Foods

Jeff Tynes**

President & CEO
SGC Foodservice

W. Kent McClelland

Chairman & CEO
Shamrock Foods Company

Victoria Gutierrez**

Chief Merchandising Officer
Sysco Corporation

Chris Pappas

President & CEO
The Chefs’ Warehouse

Bob Stewart

UniPro Foodservice, Inc.

Sue Ryan

Upper Lakes Foods Inc.

Randy Taylor**

Executive Vice President, Field Operations and Local Sales, US Foods

Dan Van Eerden

Van Eerden Foodservice

Terry Walsh


Southwest Traders

Russell Hata

Chairman, President & CEO
Y. Hata & Co., Ltd.

*Former IFDA Board Chair **New Board Member