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2024 Cross-Industry Compensation and Benefits Survey

This survey includes recruitment and retention, benefits (healthcare, retirement, PTO, etc.), and position-specific compensation covering 40+ executive, salaried and sales positions in wholesale distribution. This survey was last conducted in 2022 among nearly 1,000 wholesale distribution companies, representing 10,000+ locations. The results provide foodservice distributors a better understanding of how your company’s practices compare in the job market.

Participating companies receive free, exclusive access to full results and online reporting tools that won’t be available to non-participants. An aggregate PDF report will be made available for-purchase to to non-participating companies. Results are expected in late spring 2024.

The survey is closed.
Results are expected in May 2024.

Participants Receive:

1. Cross-Industry Compensation & Benefits Report PDF – a report that includes compensation- and benefits-related statistics for 35+ executive, salaried and sales positions in the wholesale/distribution industry. The report includes data from hundreds of companies representing membership of 21 trade associations, including IFDA.

2. Excel Results – a non-abridged version of the survey results. The file reports the data in aggregate form and includes more data cuts than could be reasonably included in the PDF report.

3. Cross-Industry Company Compensation Report (CCR) PDF – a customized report of your company’s compensation and benefits data shown alongside the appropriate cross-industry comparatives. This report provides you an easy means for interpreting the results.

4. Online Reporting Tools – Interactive online reporting tools that allow users to filter the results by their own selected criteria to build your own report.

IFDA again engaged Industry Insights, an independent research company, to collect and compile the results of the study.  Industry Insights has more than 40 years of experience in conducting confidential, compensation benchmarking studies of this nature. The survey is hosted and maintained on a secure server outside of IFDA’s website to keep your data safe and confidential.

For questions about IFDA’s compensation surveys and other research, contact Annika Stensson at [email protected].

Cross Industry Compensation And Benefits Survey