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IFDAPAC is the voice of foodservice distributors in the political process and is an important part of IFDA’s government affairs effort.


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IFDA is a proactive and vocal leader for our industry in the legislative arena and with regulatory agencies. IFDA’s Political Action Committee, IFDAPAC, is a crucial component of IFDA’s effort to increase the participation of the foodservice distribution community in the political process and raise our profile in Washington.

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Through their votes, our elected officials continually make decisions that impact businesses. Remaining active in the political process gives foodservice distributors the opportunity to have a voice and elect incumbents and candidates who favor policies that help our nation’s economy grow and our industry thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IFDAPAC?

It is a separate, segregated fund that contributes to the campaigns of candidates running for federal office. It accepts only personal contributions and cannot use IFDA dues money or corporate contributions. 

Can IFDA members use corporate dollars for political contributions?

No. The Federal Election Campaign Act outlawed the use of corporate dollars by any federal candidate or party committee. 

How much can an individual contribute to IFDAPAC?

An individual can contribute up to $5,000 per year to the PAC. Additional limits apply to other types of political giving. For more information, consult the Federal Election Commission’s website at

Can I raise money at my company for IFDAPAC?

IFDAPAC encourages companies to hold their own in-house fundraisers with their senior staff. Such fundraisers must be optional for employees, contributions must be voluntary, and employees cannot be reimbursed or otherwise compensated for IFDAPAC contributions.

For more information on how to hold an in-house fundraiser or for questions about IFDAPAC, contact the IFDA government relations department or (703) 532-9400.