Resource Library

Government Resources

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Data on employment, wages, wholesale food and commodity price inflation, menu and grocery store price inflation, and more.

Consumer Price Index (BLS, released second Wednesday of each month)

Monthly employment data (BLS, released first Friday of each month)

Producer Price Index (BLS, released second Tuesday of each month)

U.S. Census Bureau: Data on retail and eating-and-drinking place sales, and more.

U.S. Census Bureau: Data on US population composition and demographics.

U.S. Department of Agriculture: Food price outlook.

U.S. Energy Information Administration : Data on energy trends and prices.

Additional Sources

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White paper: Distribution eCommerce and Marketplaces (Applico Q4 2021)

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Consumer Price Index (BLS, released second Wednesday of each month)

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Resources on food safety and traceability (GS1 US Foodservice)

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Restaurant Performance Index (National Restaurant Association, released on the last business day of each month)

Trade Association Publications

American Transportation Research Institute

Engaged in critical transportation studies and operational tests, including traffic congestion, hours-of-service, automonous vehicle technology, etc.

International Foodservice Manufacturers Association

Provides research and insight on the foodservice supply chain and manufacturing industry.

National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

The NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence sponsors and disseminates research into strategic management issues covering the merchant wholesale distribution industry.

American Trucking Associations

Produces reports, trends and statistics on the trucking industry.

National Restaurant Association

Provides restaurant industry and consumer research on a number of topics, including menu, technology and economic trends.

NextGen Trucking

A non-profit association that promotes trucking as a positive career field and creates programs that encourage CDL and Diesel Technician training.

Warehousing Education & Research Council

A professional organization focused on logistics management and its role in the supply chain.

Women in Trucking

A non-profit organization focusing on gender diversity in the transportation industry.

Industry Research and Consulting Firms

ITR Economics

Economic intelligence that helps you make business decisions. Produces Monthly economic reports for IFDA.


Market research for the food industry, including trends and menu analysis.


Research and insights into various industry verticals, including foodservice, wholesale and distribution.


Market research on the foodservice industry, including trends and menu analysis.

NPD Group

Market intelligence research on foodservice industry, including distribution, restaurants, retail and food consumption.

Oxford Economics

Focus on forecasting and quantitative analysis in a variety of industries.


Consulting firm with industry insight.


Consumer and industry research on foodservice, including distribution, restaurants, convenience stores, retail. IFDA’s GPO study,  and white papers on off-premise packaging trends and operators’ e-sourcing practices are produced by Technomic.

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