Ergonomics Best-Practice Solutions for the Foodservice Distribution Industry

IFDA engaged The Ohio State University’s SRI-Ergonomics team to study foodservice distribution ergonomics solutions and best practices to help IFDA members learn about feasible workplace improvements that will make distribution processes safer and more productive.

Manual handling of foodservice products during the distribution process is physically demanding. Implementing ergonomics best-practices can lead to better job satisfaction among the warehouse workforce, which in turn leads to greater employee retention.

This guide is intended to help IFDA members learn how foodservice distribution operations can integrate ergonomics improvements to improve safety and productivity, and to:

  • Showcase best-practice solutions in the foodservice distribution industry;
  • Describe solutions used in other distribution environments that are feasible for foodservice distribution;
  • Detail innovative ideas that can benefit IFDA members; and
  • Help improve employee health and safety.

IFDA is also providing a template for foodservice distribution businesses to document their own best-practice solutions to complement the solutions in the guide.

Price: Free to all IFDA members as an exclusive member benefit.

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