The Roadmap to Hiring Top Talent Using a Data-Driven Approach

IFDA worked with Carnegie Mellon University’s Master’s of Statistical Practice Program  to identify and examine challenges and opportunities in recruiting warehouse and driver positions. The final report lays out how foodservice distributors can leverage job applicant data collection and analysis to gain insight that would ultimately lead to more efficient recruiting and hiring practices.

While there is no “silver bullet” to fix challenges with candidate quality and turnover, tracking select data points over time can help a company target the right recruitment channels, create more competitive job postings, and better understand how to identify candidates that are more likely to stay with the company longer.

This roadmap shows how to improve chances of attracting and hiring high-quality warehouse team members and delivery drivers. It identifies a number of questions to which data can provide answers, which specific variables to track and why, and methods of analysis to gain insight and understand trends.

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