Foodservice in 10: A foodservice overview in about an hour


Do you have employees who are new to the foodservice industry? Are you looking to offer professional development to your staff? The new Foodservice in 10 training program offered by IFDA and Technomic provides information on the structure, processes and overarching trends of the foodservice industry.

This online program includes six modules, each presented as a 10-minute video and accompanying highlights document, guiding viewers through the foodservice industry supply chain. IFDA is offering the program as a free, exclusive benefit to members.

The modules are: Industry Overview, Manufacturers, Distribution, Operators, Operators Buying and Product Delivery, and Consumers.

In addition, the program includes a longer state-of-the-industry webinar recording to summarize the current situation and trends going forward.

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NOTE: IFDA has available self-serve materials for HR professionals and company administrators, including a final exam and certificate of completion intended for team members/students that complete the program. 

For questions about the Foodservice in 10 program, email Carolyn West.

If your company has fewer than 10 team members take the course, each team member should create their own online account on the IFDA website to access the course materials. If your company has more than 10 team members taking the course, email Shaun Surette for assistance in creating accounts for them.