Transportation Operations


Foodservice distribution companies employ a lot of drivers, and they are a critical link between the distributor and the operator customer and are highly professional. The drivers who deliver products to customer locations not only have a Class A CDL (United States) or AZ license (Canada), but are also highly skilled in face-to-face customer service.  

In addition to delivery drivers, there are other critical activities and analyses that take place in advance of product being loaded on a truck.  Activities include delivery route planning to meet customer delivery windows, maximize fuel efficiency, while understanding how to best maintain equipment. If you have an interest in numbers, analytics, the latest technology, safety or supply chain, a career in transportation operations may be a great fit for you!

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Positions in Transportation Operations

Safety and Compliance

  • Ensures all drivers are in compliance with DOT (United States) or Ministry of Transportation (Canada) regulations and safety measures.
  • Creates safety plans, facilitates audits and required training to employees ensuring all current OSHA and safety regulations are being followed.
  • Monitors loss trends and the effectiveness of systems in place to minimize risks and losses.

Routing/Inbound Logistics

  • Make sure all products coming into the warehouse are accounted for and ready for delivery.
  • Plan the most efficient routes for drivers in order to meet customer delivery times.
  • Notify customers with estimated delivery time.

Fleet Analysis

  • Implement and ensure cost-effective systems for maintenance, routing, and fleet management are in place.
  • Maintain a database of fleet records.
  • Ensure fleet is depreciated correctly over time.

Fleet Maintenance

  • Performs frequent safety checks on all vehicles and equipment.
  • Manages all delivery expenses incurred by the equipment and provide analysis when needed.
  • Maintain, replace, build, adjust, and modify systems and parts as needed within the fleet.

Fleet Specification

  • Manages both the fleet and driver workforce in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Makes effective decisions by analyzing information and considering priorities.
  • Determines and recommends types of vehicles needed (ex. 48-footer, box truck, etc.) to best meet the specific requirements of each delivery route.

Fleet Manager

  • Oversees all transportation operations.
  • Manages all transportation personnel and equipment.
  • Effectively manages in a changing environment by planning, developing policies, and tracking performance against measurable goals.

Delivery Drivers

  • Executes dispatched assignments, fulfilling customer’s expectations while adhering to specific company and DOT guidelines and safety procedures.
  • Responsible for delivering a variety of products to customer locations.
  • Manually transport products from the truck into the customer’s location or other specified location.


  • Coordinates the overall scheduling of delivery operations by remaining in contact with delivery drivers by using either electronic or telephonic forms of communication.
  • Assigns drivers to trucks and monitors their departure and arrival times at customer locations and ensures deliveries are made on time.
  • Always available to answer questions; help drivers avoid traffic, and alert drivers of inclement weather ahead to ensure on-time deliveries.

Transportation Clerks

  • Assist with monitoring DOT compliance for all trucks and drivers.
  • Responsible for tracking, calculating and coordinating various driver and route information.
  • Ensures delivery paperwork is accurate and in place for drivers to take on their routes.

Attributes for Transportation Operations Positions

  • Analytical
  • Critical Thinking
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Problem Solving
  • Data Driven
  • Organized
  • Safety Oriented
  • Thinking around Sustainability

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