About Marketing

Foodservice marketing is all about creating connections and building relationships based on that thing we all love — FOOD!  Marketers leverage big data and industry trends to create compelling marketing campaigns that catch attention and drive sales.  Marketing in foodservice distribution is an opportunity to stand out where complexity is common and differentiation is difficult.  This is an area where you can apply creative ideas, tell compelling stories, and demonstrate your passion for marketing communications. It’s not just about selling food — it’s also about supporting the success of each and every customer and to deliver on your company’s promise to help your customers succeed.  If you are creative and love a good challenge, this is the career path for you.


Positions in Marketing

Customer Service

  • Creates a positive image for a brand, a company or its products.
  • Attracts potential customers by answering product and service questions.
  • Help marketing and sales meet business objectives through customer advocacy initiatives.

Image and Branding

  • Develop overall plan, develop, and direct marketing efforts to increase the value and performance of a specific brand, service or product.
  • Develop procedures for monitoring, measuring and evaluating the success of online initiatives and promotions.
  • Provide strategic oversight for branding and brand recognition in defined markets.

Customer Insights

  • Provide thought leadership regarding the consumer, operator (customer), the category, the economic and marketing environment regarding impact on overall business plans.
  • Drive development of annual research plans to deliver against short and long term strategies.
  • Identify and prioritize critical knowledge gaps, create research plan and align stakeholders to address gaps.
  • Monitor key business/brand performance measures.

Event Management

  • Manage project plans for various marketing and event activities.
  • Coordinate events, meetings and trade shows.

Corporate Communication

  • Build corporate brand through communications.
  • Create communication and media plans.
  • Implement communication activities, track and analyze their performance while ensuring that the overall branding and strategic objectives are met.

Other Roles

  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Production Services
    Web Design

Attributes for Marketing Positions

  • Organized
  • Invested in the Customer
  • Passionate
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Self-Driven
  • Data Driven
  • Forward Thinking

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