Information Technology


While sales is an important front line of foodservice distribution, information technology professionals play an important behind the scenes role in keeping everything working smoothly.  IT establishes, monitors, and maintains all of the systems that allow a foodservice distribution company to ensure orders flow smoothly, websites work seamlessly, and that networks function properly.  Focusing on systems and processes, IT also enables the business to utilize data to make better company decisions. IT connects all the different areas of the company to allow every department to achieve its goals and deliver excellence to customers.

Man Managing Servers

Positions in Information Technology


  • Establish parameters with respect to group policy.
  • Update, organize and store configuration of systems.
  • Provide up-to-date security practices of systems.


  • Analyze systems to improve efficiency by building new processes.
  • Create solutions for collecting and analyzing data.
  • Utilize meta-data to build specialized reports.


  • Design and maintain computerized systems.
  • Determine and manage how systems interact with each other.
  • Establish rules within the systems.


  • Build software, programs and applications/ mobile applications.
  • Similar to an artist, developers build what they want without restrictions.
  • They are only limited by their imagination.


  • Build systems according to Engineering Principles.
  • Manage software, hardware, robotics, and networks.
  • Structured approach and detail oriented.


  • Integrate new software programming with exisiting computer network
  • Determine systemic needs
  • Recommend systen changes to better the business

Project Manager

  • Anticipate business needs to plan for future projects.
  • Prioritize projects according to business needs.
  • Ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.


  • Write code through the use of computer langauges.
  • Update and troubleshoot computer programs.
  • Respond to flaws in programd and rewrite it.

Technician Computer Support

  • Mointor and maintain computer systems.
  • Correct software/hardware problems for users.
  • Perform practical work on computer systems to esnure day-to-day operations work.

Data/Cyber Security

  • Data Security is a philosophy that pertains to everyone in the industry.
  • Ensure data security by regulating user permissions to prevent cyber attacks
  • Stay up-to-date on internal and external security best practices.
  • Conduct risk assessments and security audits.

Business Intelligence/Infrastructure

  • Gather various types of data (meta-data) to improve business and shape the future.
  • Solve business problems.
  • Provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations.


  • Conducts computer training needs assessments.
  • Provides training to general staff as well as IT staff.
  • Maintains safe and healthy training environment by following organization standards.
  • Ensure employees continue to develeop their IT skills.

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