Human Resources


People are an essential part of any business. The foodservice distribution industry employs a wide range of staff within one company, including drivers, warehouse workers, sales associates, and corporate employees – all of whom must be completely dedicated to serving the foodservice operator customer.

Human resources professionals at a foodservice distributor must attract and retain a wide variety of talent, so there’s plenty of room for creativity in this role. In addition, human resources creates and shares company culture. In foodservice distribution this often means utilizing new trends and technologies to keep employees who aren’t regularly in the office feeling engaged and connected. Because of the ever-changing legal aspects of human resources, the ideal HR employee must be patient, detail oriented, and enthusiastic about understanding and communicating company policies.

Human Resources

Positions in Human Resources


  • Formulate job ads to optimize posting on online job boards or careers pages.
  • Come up with creative ideas to attract top candidates to the organization.
  • Achieves staffing objectives by recruiting and evaluating job candidates.
  • Working with managers to establish a base line for the right candidate.
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Define a fair, equitable and competitive total compensation and benefits package.
  • Develop a consistent compensation philosophy.
  • Ensure that compensation practices are in compliance with current legislation.


  • Develop and train management to promote and sustain diversity, inclusion, equity and respect in the work place.
  • Facilitate workshops designed to address issues related to cultural competence.
  • Serving as the expert in bias awareness in recruitment, selection and other employment decisions working collaboratively with the company’s Affirmative Action Compliance Program.

Employee Relations

  • Manages a company’s relationship with its employees.
  • Oversee this relationship from the hiring process to current employees to the exit process. Works with executive management in an advisory capacity.


  • Responsible for performing HR-related duties on a professional level and works closely with senior HR management.
  • Responsible for the following functional areas: benefits administration, employee relations, training, performance management, on boarding, policy implementation, recruitment/employment, affirmative action and employment law compliance.

Safety and Risk

  • Develop, review, and implement policies around employee safety and risk management.
  • Works with management and provides direction in risk management and safety and regulatory compliance issues.


  • Develops and oversees control systems to prevent or deal with violations of legal guidelines and internal policies.
  • Revises procedures to identify hidden risks or non-conformity issues.
  • Evaluates efficiency of controls and improves them continuously.


Attributes for Human Resources Professionals

  • Service Oriented
  • Collaborative
  • Building relationships
  • Creative
  • Communicative
  • Results Oriented
  • Problem Solving
  • Culture Ambassador

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