In French, the word Chef means Chief, from the expression chef de cuisine, literally the “head or chief of the kitchen” — someone who is in charge.  You might think a chef has to work in a restaurant, but there are lots of opportunities for culinary professionals within foodservice. Many foodservice distributors employ chefs. In this industry, the Culinary “Chef” is a highly valued resource who performs many tasks including working as a trainer, menu consultant, marketer of products, food safety coordinator, and motivator. In addition, chef talent at foodservice distributors also serve as subject matter experts on specific products and cooking techniques ranging from center of the plate to beverages, equipment, and even chemicals. If you love cooking, are passionate and charismatic and have strong communication skills, foodservice distribution might be the right place to use your culinary expertise. Think about what it would be like to help operator customers be more successful each and every day!

Chocolate Maker Making A Truck

Positions in Culinary

Corporate Chef

  • May work as a chef, head cook, or food scientist.
  • Analyzes and experiments with cuisine to find ways to improve it and make customers like it.
  • Use knowledge of chemistry, engineering and sensory evaluation to create recipes and products that appeal to consumers.

Food Safety Training

  • Supports and drives compliance Food Safety for the Operators and Customers and works with the Warehouses, Customers, Suppliers, Account Managers and Inventory Control to provide resolution to Food Safety and Quality Assurance issues.
  • Reviews the HACCP items to confirm we are in compliance with regulatory requirements and will work with suppliers to ensure they meet the stringent delivery requirements expected.
  • Serves as the lead for product recall communications.

Product Specialist

  • Maintain turns and optimum levels of inventory to accomplish service levels needed.
  • Need to be apprised of market conditions, pricing, and locating new supply sources, negotiating prices, programs, terms, and freight.
  • Assist sales in the pursuit to increase and add items to its existing and new customers.

Attributes for Culinary Positions at a Foodservice Distributor

  • Creative
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Foodie
  • Public Speaking
  • Passionate
  • Loves to Cook

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