A Foodservice Distributor’s Guide to Cybersecurity

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A cybersecurity attack can cripple a foodservice distributor’s ability to take orders and deliver product, and therefore can affect customers in immediate ways — more so than in some other industries. This IFDA guide to cybersecurity illuminates the challenges and offers solutions. The content is based on interviews with foodservice distributors, discussions with experts, and the identification of relevant published information from other key sources.

Highlights include:

  • Why cybersecurity needs to be a priority.
  • Cybersecurity basics, including common attack types, how companies can prepare employees, and what employees can do to minimize risks.
  • Lessons learned from navigating a cyber-attack – interviews with foodservice distributors regarding how the attack happened and how it impacted operations, how it was handled in the short-term, crisis resolution, and what they wish they knew before the attack.
  • How to develop a cybersecurity plan, including key elements, frameworks and insurance.
  • How to select partners, crisis communications, and disaster recovery.
  • Things to keep in mind for on-going cybersecurity planning.

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