IFDA supports a number of committees that provide thought leadership on issues of critical importance to our foodservice distributor members and to the foodservice industry in general.

Members of committees are volunteers with expertise in the stated mission area. In an ongoing process, the groups identify issues that are priorities to IFDA members and develop appropriate work products that can provide insights to the broader IFDA membership. Participation provides a number of benefits including interaction with other leaders in your discipline area and hearing from experts such as IFDA legal counsel.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
Diversity & Inclusion Committee
Food Safety Leadership Committee
Government Relations Leadership Committee
Human Resources Leadership Committee
Operations Leadership Committee
Safety & Risk Management Committee

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Committee Mission:
To promote and advance Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in the foodservice distribution industry.

Committee Vision:
To educate and empower IFDA members and their partners to have a positive social and environmental impact in their communities.

Committee Roster:
  • Jane Feenstra, Marketing Services, Gordon Food Service
  • Bryan Langston, VP of Warehousing, Dot Foods
  • Tammy McElroy, Senior Director of Sustainability, Sysco Corporation (Chair)
  • Jeff Noccioli, Sales Manager, Thurston Foods
  • Sue Ryan, President, Upper Lakes Foods
  • Deanna Segreti, Digital Media and Communications Director, Saval Foods Corporation
Staff Contact: Annika Stensson
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Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Committee Mission:
The IFDA Diversity and Inclusion Committee will lead efforts that encourage and support foodservice distribution companies in building more equitable workplaces and inclusive relationships. IFDA believes that an industry-wide commitment to diverse partnerships, recruitment, retention and advancement will position foodservice distributors to creatively address the challenges of an ever changing business landscape.
Committee Roster: Additional Committee Members include:
  • Syndee Stiles,  VP, Procurement, McLane Foodservice, Inc. (Chair)
  • Allen Bacon, HR, Director, Ace Endico
  • Diane M. Chandler, Executive Vice President, Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Inc.
  • Khumbo Croft, North American Director- Talent Development, Diversity & Engagement, Gordon Food Service
  • Barbarella Diaz, Executive Vice President, Community Affairs, Diaz Wholesale & Manufacturing Co., Inc.
  • Jan Farve, HR Director., Merchants Foodservice
  • Joyce Lamilla, Director Business Development & Nutrition Services, Ben E. Keith Co.
  • Jane Manion, SVP, Human Resources, Performance Foodservice
  • Elizabeth “Betsy” Miles, VP, Operational Merchandising, Sysco, Corp.
  • Anita M. Montgomery, Chief Financial Officer, Dot Foods, Inc.
  • Jackie Oakes, Senior Marketing Manager, Flanagan Foodservice Inc.
  • Suzanne K. Rajczi - Chief Executive Officer, Ginsberg's Foods, Inc.
  • W. Elliott Stephenson, VP, Employee Development and Engagement, Ben E. Keith Foods
  • John Walsh, Director, Compliance, Ace Endico
  • Debra Winter, Executive Vice President, Legacy Foodservice Alliance

Staff Contacts: Andrea Streat & Meghan Cieslak

Food Safety Leadership Committee

Committee Mission:
The committee serves as the primary advisor to the association on food safety and security related issues.  It is responsible for identifying industry food safety issues and creating resources to strengthen food safety practices by IFDA member companies.  Committee members are quality assurance and regulatory compliance experts from member companies and buying groups.

Committee Roster:
  • Shirley Abderrazzaq, Director, Food Safety, Ben E. Keith Foods
  • Greg Cassens, Food Safety Manager, Dot Foods, Inc.
  • Gail Conti, Director, Quality Assurance & Food Safety, The Chefs' Warehouse
  • Norbert Duarte, Quality Assurance Manager, Saladino's Foodservice
  • Lorene Evans, Director of Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Compliance, U.S. Foods
  • Mitch Gilgour, Sr. Director, Quality Assurance, Sysco Corporation
  • Dick Hairston, Director, Operations & Transportation, Ben E. Keith Foods
  • Keith Jackson, VP, Quality Assurance, Performance Food Group
  • Krystal Jenkins, Corporate Food Safety Manager, Eby-Brown Company
  • Charles Leftwich, Director, Quality Assurance, Sysco Corporation
  • Mark Mignogna, VP, Quality Assurance, Sysco Corporation
  • Carrie Nickel, Compliance Coordinator, Shamrock Foods Company
  • Kevin Peterson, Ex. VP, Operations, J. Kings Foodservice Professionals, Inc.
  • Sam Richardson, Director, Logistics & Ops Mgmt, McLane Foodservice Distribution
  • Bob Salo, Departmental VP, Quality Assurance, UniPro Foodservice, Inc.
  • Erica Waara, Quality Assurance Manager, US, Gordon Food Service
  • John Walsh, Director of Compliance, Ace Endico Corp.
  • Heidi Wietjes, Director, Nutrition Services, Cash-Wa Distributing
Staff Contact: Jon Eisen

Government Relations Leadership Committee

Committee Mission:
The government relations committee is the steering committee providing guidance to the government relations department regarding association GR activities and industry priorities on legislative and regulatory issues.  Committee members are senior company executives.
Committee Roster:
  • Alex Aldous, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, The Chefs' Warehouse
  • Barry Bates, Regional Vice President, Gordon Food Service 
  • Brad Christie, Senior Manager, Government Relations, Sysco Corporation
  • Neftali Garcia, Senior Director, Governmental Affairs, McLane Company, Inc.
  • Thomas J. Gillett, Board Chairman & CCO, Indianhead Foodservice Distributor, Inc.
  • Mark Harman, President, Stanz Foodservice, Inc.
  • Brent King, SVP, General Counsel & Secretary, Performance Food Group 
  • Chris Lewis, VP, Multi Unit Accounts, Ben E. Keith Foods
  • Andrew B. Mercier, President & CEO, Merchants Foodservice
  • Peter Mouskondis, President & CEO, Nicholas & Company, Inc.
  • William F. Reyes, Director of Government Affairs, Reyes Holdings
  • Dick DiStasio, President, DPI Dedicated Logistics
  • Craig Saladino, President & CEO, Saladino's Foodservice
  • Paul L. Saval, President & CEO, Saval Foodservice
  • Grace Shaff, VP & General Counsel, Reinhart Foodservice, L.L.C.
  • James Tracy, SVP & General Counsel, Dot Foods, Inc.
  • David W. Wood, II, Chairman of the Board, Wood Fruitticher Food Service
Staff Contact: Jon Eisen

Human Resources Leadership Committee

Committee Mission:
The Human Resources Leadership Committee serves as the primary advisory board to assist IFDA in identifying critical industry needs in the area of human resources. The committees mission is to provide leadership and guidance to help IFDA determine the issues critical to HR professionals in the industry and work with IFDA staff to develop industry solutions designed to address these issues and provide insights and value to member companies. The Committee also provides assistance by identifying topics for industry meetings and other educational or research opportunities. The committee meets at least once a year in person, with additional conference calls, webinars or  meetings at the committee’s discretion.
Committee Roster:
  • Vince Daniels, Chief Human Resources Officer, Shamrock Foods Company
  • Tim Fatum, HR Director, Gordon Food Service
  • Corey Gilchrist,  VP, Total Rewards, Shamrock Foods Company
  • Stephen Heckman, HR/Safety Manager, Stanz Foodservice, Inc.
  • Matt Holt, VP, Human Resources, Dot Foods, Inc.
  • Mark Hurley, VP, Human Resources, Poutry Products Northeast
  • Becky Iliff, VP, Human Resources, Reinhart Foodservice, LLC
  • Melinda Koon, Director of HR, Doerle Food Services, LLC
  • Jane Manion, SVP, Human Resources, Performance Foodservice
  • Steve Manuszak, SVP, Associate Services Administration, Food Services of America
  • James Rowell, VP, Human Resources, Ben E. Keith Co. - Corporate Office
  • Karen Russell, VP, Human Resources, Saladino's Foodservice Distribution
  • Sue Scharf, VP, People Operations, Shamrock Foods Company
  • Sabrina Scheving, SPHR, Director of Human Resources, UniPro Foodservice, Inc.
  • W. Elliott Stephenson, VP, Human Resources, Ben E. Keith Foods (Chair)
  • Rick Thorgesen, Director, Human Resources, Eby-Brown Company
Staff Contact: Jon Eisen

Operations Leadership Committee

Committee Mission:
The Operations Leadership Committee provides a forum for senior operations leaders to gather and discuss issues impacting their business as well as the foodservice industry as a whole and to provide IFDA counsel on how it can best assist them with these issues. The Committee provides leadership and guidance to IFDA on industry, legislative and regulatory issues related to operations in foodservice.  Meetings occur once a year in person, with any other meetings occurring via conference call. Additional in person meetings will be held at the committee’s discretion.

Committee Roster:
  • Ethan DeWall, VP Operations, Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Inc.
  • Mark Engdahl, Enterprise Operations Leader, Shamrock Foods Company
  • Mark Eriks, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Gordon Food Service
  • Cecil King, VP, Operations, Cheney Brothers, Inc.
  • Roy Markham, VP, Operations & Transportation, Ben E. Keith Foods
  • Paul Mugerditchian, President, Dot Transportation, Inc.
  • Patrick Peters, Chief Operating Officer, Saladino's Foodservice Distribution (Chair)
  • Jeff Williamson, Corporate Senior Vice President, Performance Food Group

Safety & Risk Management Committee

Committee Mission:
Provide an active forum in all areas of Safety and Risk Management for IFDA members by sharing expertise, participating in online and face-to-face discussions and mentoring those that are new to the field;
review and set common KPIs and benchmarking metrics; lead the membership in advocating and promoting safe and effective methods and tools in all aspects of foodservice distribution operations.

Committee Roster:
  • Ken Cosby, Director of Safety & Compliance, Reinhart Food Service (Chair)
  • Paul Brandel, Risk Manager, US Foods
  • Tom Olitsky, VP, Safety and Regional Operations, Reinhart Food Service
  • Monica Gardner, Director of Safety, McLane Company, Inc.
  • Stephen Heckman, HR/Safety Manager, Stanz Foodservice, Inc.
  • Mike Estep, Regional Manager, Safety Opco, Performance Food Group
  • William Hopper, Senior Corporate Safety Manager, Performance Food Group
  • Daryl Wigington, Vice President, Risk Management, Ben E. Keith Foods
  • Gabbie Lopez, Safety Supervisor, Southwest Traders
  • Ryan Smith, Director of Corporate Operations, Southwest Traders
  • George Sommerfeld, Senior Manager, Loss Prevention and Safety, Eby-Brown Company
  • William Dowden, Safety Manager, Merchants Foodservice
  • Ginger Shubert, Director of Risk Management, Dennis Paper & Food Service
  • Mark D'Andrea, Fleet Safety Manager, Shamrock Foods Company
  • Carl Sanders, Corporate Safety Manager, Southwest Traders
  • Jim Gustin, Director, Transportation Safety, US Foods
  • Christopher Faltisko. Sr. Manager, Safety Health Environment, US Foods
Staff Contact: Annika Stensson