IFDA is a Proud Member of the Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative

GS1.jpgGS1 Standards help establish the foundation for clearer communication in an increasingly complex foodservice supply chain. Industry-wide adoption of standards will provide a common language to help trading partners share information not only with each other, but with their consumers as well.

Delivering on Consumer Expectations

“We have seen a 20 percent increase in sales and a 14 percent increase in demand for those products that have extended data attributes. “   Shamrock Foods

“We estimate supplier savings of $400K+ from notifying 980 vs 5,700 restaurants with precise recall.” IPC/Subway

“Average time to market has gone from 90 hours to 30 minutes, a 99.4 percent improvement.” Beaver Street Fisheries

Join these and other foodservice companies who are leveraging the power of barcodes and unique identification to improve business efficiencies. 

Working Together

Industry workgroups focus on creating best practices to help deliver seamless consumer  experiences.

Helpful Videos

About GS1 US: A Video Overview

GS1 US and GS1 Standards have transformed the world of business and those living in it. This video tells the story.

How to Compete and Succeed in Foodservice

See how foodservice companies are focusing on three key industry drivers to stay relevant and competitive.

More Resources

For more information, visit gs1us.org/foodservice