IFDA Membership and the IFDA Community

Build business, improve profitability, and engage with leading companies in foodservice.

Three forms of membership are available at IFDA, and each provide access to valuable programs and opportunities for interaction with industry leaders.

Distributor Members
IFDA’s primary constituents are foodservice distributors, including broadline, systems, convenience, and specialty distributors. IFDA’s distributor members are found across the U.S. and internationally.

By joining IFDA, distributors have many opportunities for interaction with each other including attending conferences, participating in an IFDA Leadership Committee, or possible service on the IFDA Board of Directors. Distributors also gain access to insights around regulations, gain access to research, and have many opportunities for interaction with leading foodservice manufacturers as well as companies that support the operations side of the distributor business.
Manufacturer “Partner” Members
Leading foodservice manufacturers participate as IFDA Partners, a form of membership that provides opportunities for interaction with IFDA Distributor Members. As an IFDA Partner, foodservice manufacturers participate in the IFDA Partners Executive Forum, where manufacturers and distributors hold strategic discussions about ways to build business together. IFDA Partners may also attend “members only” events. IFDA MVP Partners, who provide additional support for distributor programs, receive a number of exclusive opportunities dependent on their level of commitment.
Allied Members
This form of membership is open to an array of companies. IFDA Allied Members and IFDA Distributor Members meet in a big way at the Distribution Solutions Conference. By definition, this form of membership is open to “product or service providers to foodservice distributors who sell products not intended for resale.” In plain English, that means material handling equipment manufacturers, software providers, design and build companies, and many other companies that distributors purchase from as the end user. All IFDA Allied Members can attend “members only” events.