Since its inception, IFDA has worked tirelessly with its member companies to promote a culture of safety. In addition to the annual IFDA Truck Driving Championship, the IFDA Truck Driver Hall of Fame program casts a spotlight on the industry's top drivers for their outstanding records of service and safety. 

This is your company’s opportunity to celebrate and honor your drivers and let them know just how much their tireless commitment to excellence means to the foodservice distribution industry. Being inducted into the IFDA Truck Driver Hall of Fame is a lifetime honor. It doesn't begin and end with a simple recognition, rather our winners will be part of the IFDA community and celebrated throughout the year.

To be eligible for the IFDA Truck Driver Hall of Fame, the driver must have at least 25 years of employment with an IFDA Member Company with no chargeable accidents over that timeframe. They may not have any moving violations within the 5 years prior to the nomination. You can find the detailed criteria here.

To nominate a deserving individual who fits the criteria, please complete and submit the nomination form below. You will need to upload copies of the Driver's Motor Vehicle Record and CDL. 


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Please complete the following questions: 

As of today, does the Nominee have at least 25 years of continuous service at an IFDA Member Company ?

As of today, does the Nominee have at least 25 years of driving service with no chargeable accidents prior to the nominator to the IFDA Hall of Fame?

Is the Nominee an active non-management driver at the company?

Has the driver had any moving violations within the previous 5 years

Driver Record Affidavit

The following must be filled out by a VP of Operations/Transportation, Division President or C-Suite Executive.

Do you certify that this Nominee/Driver meets the four criteria listed above?

Be checking the box below, you also agree to alert IFDA if the Nominee/Driver receives a moving violation or is involved in a chargeable accident between the nomination period and the induction into the IFDA Truck Driver Hall of Fame.