Thank you for attending the 2023 IFDA Solutions Conference. For your conveience, IFDA has compiled all shareable presentations below.

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Innovation Labs

Monday, Spetember 12

The Future of Foodservice Distribution: Emerging Technologies and Trends 
Presentation Link: 201A_245_FutureofFoodservice.pptx
Join us for an engaging panel discussion hosted by MHI's Solutions Community. In this thought-provoking session, we delve into the ever-evolving landscape of foodservice distribution and the dynamic role of emerging technologies and trends in shaping its future. As the foodservice distribution sector navigates unprecedented challenges and opportunities, it's imperative to understand the pivotal role of emerging technologies and trends in redefining industry norms.
Chris Morris, Swiss Logistics
Gary Masters, Agile Business Media
Ed Romanine, VP of Marketing and Business Development, Conveyco Technologies, Inc.

Decrypting Innovation: A Practical Approach
Presenation Link: IFDA-Presentation_Deloitte_23-0911-(1).pptx
As organizations face constant change and disruption, investing in innovation is no longer a strategic choice – it’s a necessity. It is imperative that organizations look beyond the conventions of their business by seeking bold new offerings to create differentiation and new sources of value.  Join Matt Josephson, a principal in Deloitte Digital’s Applied Design & Innovation practice, as he talks through a more expansive view on innovation and how to apply practical innovation when transforming elements of your organization.

Speaker: Matt Josephson, Principal, Deloitte Consulting

The Right Product at the Right Time
Presentation link:IFDA-PRESENTATION-20230907.pdf
Smaller, more frequent deliveries and what that means for the warehouse and operations. Chain and convenience distributor will be part of the discussion.
Charles Fallon, Partner, Principal, LIDD
Shawn Lee, VP of Supply Chain, Southwest Traders

Exploring Cybersecurity: Understanding Phishing, Protocols, and Digital Waterholes Room 202 C-D
Presentation Link: 202cd_245_Exploring-Cyber-Security.pptx

Discover cybersecurity essentials in this workshop with a CIS expert. Learn to tackle phishing threats, grasp network protocols, and understand digital waterhole attacks. Valuable insights for everyone aiming to enhance their digital security. Join us to fortify your online resilience.
Speaker: Curtis Dukes, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Security Best Practice, Center for Internet Security (CIS)

Coaching & Mentoring in Changing Times Room 202 A-B
Presentation Link: Coaching-and-Mentoring-in-Times-of-Change.pdf
Discover practical tools for coaching and mentoring in times of rapid change and disruption. This session explores how food distribution leaders can use coaching and mentoring to help people thrive in their job and life. You will discover practical models for establishing coaching and mentoring programs for office and remote workplace settings and access easy-to-use tools for putting these models into practice.
Speaker:  Bucky Dodd, Ph.D., CEO, Principal Consultant, ClearKinetic

Navigating the Future of EV with Gordon Foods Room 203 A-B
Presentation Link: 2023-IFDA-pptx.pdf
Join us in this insightful conference session as we delve into the innovative strategies employed by Gordon Foods to navigate the realm of Electric Vehicles (EVs) skillfully. Discover how Gordon Foods is working to incorporate electric vehicles to enhance efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and optimize its supply chain. Gain valuable insights into the challenges faced and lessons learned, offering attendees a comprehensive understanding of the future-forward approaches that are driving Gordon Foods toward sustainable success in a rapidly evolving industry.
Speaker: Jason Derby, Manager Fleet Maintenance, Gordon Foods

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Get Organized Before Union Organizing
Presentation Link: 201A_915_Get-Organized-Before-Union-Organizing.pptx
The best way to prepare for union organizing activities? Have a clear understanding of on-the-ground morale – and a plan to act quickly. This session will break down signals to look for in your workforce and what to do before and during an event.
Speaker: Steve Rahhal​, Shareholder, Littler

The DOT Regulatory Agenda Room 
Presentation Link: 201BC_915_TheDOT-Regulatroy-Agenda.pptx
The USDOT agenda includes regulatory actions, research efforts, and programmatic and enforcement changes. This session will cover all these areas and help you navigate issues that could affect your business.
Speaker: Steve Keppler, Co-Director, Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, LLC

Driving Continuous Operations Improvement with AI Enabled Analytics 
Presentation Link: Mike-Ely_AI-Analytics_2023.pptx
A discussion of proven approaches to improving the performance of distributor operations and demonstrating an AI-enabled tool (MarginBrain) that leverages operational, sales, and financial data to identify and action margin enhancement opportunities.
Speaker: Mike Ely, Sr. Manager, Supply Chain Deloitte

Implementing a WMS at a Foodservice Distributor Room 201 B-C
Presentation link: Implementing-a-WMS-at-a-Foodservice-Distributor.pdf
Join our workshop to explore the transformative potential of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for modern foodservice distributors. Discover how WMS adoption modernizes operations, reduces errors, enhances efficiency, and boosts productivity. Learn from a successful northeast food distributor's implementation journey as we outline key steps, including scope definition, configuration coaching, training, change management, and ongoing evolution. Embrace this workshop to stay ahead in the evolving landscape of flexible and scalable technologies.
Speakers: Bill Conrad, CEO & President, Prime Source Foods, Mathieu Galipeau, Partner, Lidd

Complex Decisions:  Why More Data Isn't the Answer 
Presentation Link: 203AB_915_BFL-11-D-making-45min-(1).pptx
Description: Complicated decisions are hard enough but with current circumstances, these decisions take on even more complexity. It’s easy to assume that we need more and more data. Grasping for data can lead to over-thinking and analysis paralysis. As complexity goes up, decision-making involves more than just the data. Learn a step-by-step process to hone in on the real issues to deepen your understanding of the problem, reframe your decision and achieve your goals with less frustration.
Speaker: Shelley Row, Founder & CEO, Blue Fjord Leaders

How to Have a Difficult Discussion:  Grow Your Confidence and Skill 
Presentation Link: 203A_1015_Difficult-Discussion.pptx
You have a performance issue with your staff, you need to have a “Talk” with your boss, or a customer is upset. You are anxious about the discussion and emotions are running high. That’s when you need top-notch communication skills and a plan to frame the difficult discussion so that it’s not so difficult. In this interactive session, learn a step-by-step approach that transforms a dreaded conversation into a skilled, honest, and productive one.
Speaker: Shelley Row, Founder & CEO, Blue Fjord Leaders

FDA'S Food Traceability Compliance Tips Room 201 B-C
Presentation Link: 09-12-FDA-s-Food-Traceability-Rule-Compliance-Tips-Session.pdf

In this session, a panel of food safety experts will provide a how-to guide to prepare foodservice distributors for the implementation of FDA’s new food traceability rule.
Moderator: Mala Parker, VP, Policy & Government Affairs, IFDA
Panelists: Charles Leftwich, Senior Director, Quality Assurance, Sysco
Greg Cassens, Regulatory Counsel, Dot Foods
Ceret Leyva, Director of Food Safety, Ben E. Keith Co.

Ergonomics Solutions in a Distribution Environment
Presentation Link: 201A_1015_Egonomics-Solutions_trainers.pptx
New technology and a better understanding of workplace injuries and related ergonomic solutions. Explore the big impact of small changes, such as the use of wearables and athletic trainers.

The Power of Data: How IFDA Research Can Help You Make Better Business Decisions Room 202 A-B
Presentation Link: 202AB_330_IFDA-Research.PPTX
Do you know what research and resources IFDA offers to help your business succeed? Learn about the resources you have access to as an IFDA member, from statistics that tell the industry’s story and trends that shape the business environment, to concrete data to improve your recruitment and retention strategies and benchmarking that helps assess your operational performance.
Speaker: Annika Stennson, Director, Research and Innovation, IFDA

The Food Distribution Professional’s Guide to ChatGPT and AI Tools Room 202 C-D
Presentation Link: The-Guide-to-ChatGPT-and-AI.pdf
This session explores the current landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT, and highlights effective practices for using these technologies in your work. You will discover the exciting capabilities, current limitations, and techniques for using AI tools to save time, support planning, supercharge communication, and streamline workflows.
Speaker: Bucky Dodd, Ph. D., CEO, Principal Consultant, ClearKinetic

Utilizing Audits to Move Food Safety Culture Forward Room 201A
Presentation Link: MNCertLLC-IFDA-091223-final.pdf
A general discussion of the types of audits used in distribution, how to prepare and engage team members to drive Food Safety and Food Safety culture, a review of best practices and most common non-conformities, and upcoming/future trends we envision in the distribution world.
Speaker: Todd Dechter, Auditing Account Manager, Merieux Nutrisciences

Turbocharge Your Washington Advocacy Room 201 B-C
Presentation Link: 09-12-Turbocharge-Your-Washington-Advocacy-Session.pdf
There are many benefits to having an ongoing dialogue with policymakers. Learn how you can build and maintain relationships with key federal elected officials and regulators to be an effective grasstops advocate.
Speakers: Mala Parker, VP, Policy & Government Affairs, IFDA
Aaron Kerkhoff, Director of Operations, Kohl Wholesale