July 17, 2018

This playbook presents ideas and resources in an easy-to-use format for quick reference, showing sales managers the recommended “play” depending on the specific coaching moment at hand. The playbook is designed to supplement the regular appraisals of a DSR’s performance progress. The overall goal is to assist in developing all DSRs, from the onboarding process for new hires to increasing productivity and effectiveness of veteran DSRs.

Organization and Structure:

The organization of the playbook is based on three primary developmental needs of a DSR and different training methods for each. Some sections suggest different expectations and approaches for different levels of development:
  • Habits: Consistent work habits are critically important for success in foodservice sales.
  • Knowledge: Successful DSRs need a large and ever-changing body of knowledge.
  • Skills: DSRs need a range of “hard” and “soft” skills to perform their jobs effectively.
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