April 24, 2019

Many independent restaurants already use third-party e-commerce sources, albeit infrequently and mainly for non-food products. That may change in the future as the e-sourcing environment evolves, and specialty foodservice e-retailers and e-commerce giants are expanding into new verticals.

Highlights include:

  • Foodservice operators are increasingly looking to sources like Amazon.com, Costco.com and Webstaurantstore.com for specialty items and last-minute supplies and are reporting some benefits in using these sources compared with distributors.
  • There are also specific drawbacks cited, indicating that the field may grow further if third-party e-sources figure out a way to address those concerns.
  • Operators highly value the customer service that distributors provide, including interaction with knowledgeable, dedicated sales professionals.
  • While the 3ES market share is modest right now, it's growing at a much faster rate than other distribution sources.
Technomic developed this white paper exclusively for IFDA and its members to gain better insight into changing operator sourcing practices.

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Technomic's Wade Hanson presented industry trends, including the future of the DSR, in a recent IFDA webinar.

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