August 2, 2021

This quarterly report by IFDA and ITR Economics provides macro-economic trends, detailed information on leading economic and industry indicators, and projections that assist foodservice distributors with strategic business planning. Each report includes exclusive analysis of what the current situation and predictions mean to distributors.

In the latest issue:

  • Consumers have released their pent-up demand for restaurant services, driving overall retail sales growth. Annual Retail Sales will generally rise through 2023, but transition to slowing growth between early 2022 and mid-2023.
  • Consumers returning to restaurants is pushing up on prices for food away from home, which are up 4.0% from one year ago. Growth in personal restaurant expenditures will slow by early next year, though they are expected to rise through at least 2023.
  • Labor shortages have resulted in higher wages as firms look to attract and retain talent. This, along with rising employment, could benefit Disposable Personal Income in the coming quarters.
  • Multiple leading indicators have begun to decline, signaling that the US industrial sector will transition to slower growth in the first half of next year and remain in that phase through 2022-2023.

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