May 1, 2020

This quarterly report by IFDA and ITR Economics provides macro-economic trends, detailed information on leading economic and industry indicators, and projections that assist foodservice distributors with strategic business planning. Each report includes exclusive analysis of what the current situation and predictions mean to distributors.

In the latest issue:

  • The U.S. Industrial Production was already contracting when March’s double black swans – the COVID-19 pandemic and oil pricing collapse – intensified the recession.
  • The current GDP decline is starting off steeper than in 2008–2009, but will likely not be as severe because the current situation is not expected to extend as long as the record-setting 18-month decline in GDP that was the Great Recession.
  • ITR is projecting a recovery trend will take shape in GDP beginning in the third quarter of this year.
  • U.S. personal consumption expenditures at restaurants are projected to decline by 21.7% in 2020, but rebound to grow 28.5% in 2021. Take-home and delivery services are keeping some restaurants afloat, but high unemployment will likely constrain consumer budgets and lead to less dining out for the rest of the year, even after shutdowns are lifted.

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