July 10, 2019

Wade-Hanson-headshot-(1).pngThe foodservice industry is a rapidly evolving space that savvy foodservice distributors follow closely. Technomic Principal Wade Hanson provides an update on the state of the industry and topline trends, including:
  • Aspects and indicators in the nation's economy that are influencing consumer behavior and the foodservice operating environment.
  • Current and forecasted foodservice segment performance.
  • Labor market trends that are challenging to foodservice operators.
  • How corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability have become a consumer expectation that restaurant operators are challenged to understand and meet.
  • How increases in consumer use of restaurant delivery - especially third-party delivery services - are changing foodservice operations, from staffing and menu-mix, to packaging products and customer service.
  • How the current and future role of the DSR is changing to keep up with the evolving needs and preferences of restaurant operators.

Wade Hanson has 25 years of experience serving the needs of clients in a research and consulting capacity. Since joining Technomic in 2006, he has conducted and written numerous studies encompassing all foodservice segments, and has extensive expertise in market sizing, market trend evaluation and competitive assessments.

This webinar is exclusive to IFDA members. Technomic also produces research resources for IFDA, including white papers on off-premise packaging trends and operators' e-sourcing behavior, and a comprehensive study on GPOs.

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