June 11, 2019

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In December 2018, IFDA launched a redesigned benchmarking program with a streamlined survey designed to require less time to complete and deliver customizable results to participating companies. While participating foodservice distributors get free access to a range of reporting tools and resources, non-participants may purchase an aggregate report of these key performance metrics to evaluate their company's performance against businesses with a similar profile.
Metrics include sales growth, private-label product sales, inventory levels, technology implementation, inbound and outbound totals, error rates, on-time delivery rates, employee turnover, as well as standard balance sheet and income statement data.

IFDA engaged Industry Insights to execute the program and reporting to keep data confidential and secure.


Benchmarking-2019-Table-of-Contents.jpgContents include:

  • Data collected from 60 participating foodservice distribution companies between December 2018 and March 2019.
  • Metrics are based on data from the last full fiscal year at the time of the survey (FY2017).
  • The report breaks down data by general business profile categories (i.e. no company-specific data): all respondents, more profitable distributors, net sales (<$75K, $75K-$200M, >$200M), and number of distribution facilities (one, and more than one).
  • See right for Table of Contents. (click to enlarge)
Price: Participating companies receive free access to this report and more. Non-participating IFDA members $699. Non-members $1,499.

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