New Benchmarking Research Underway

The 2018-2019 IFDA benchmarking survey is closed and results are being analyzed. Stay tuned for the results to be presented in spring 2019.

IFDA launched its new consolidated benchmarking survey platform in December 2018. This new, refreshed program is designed with your busy schedule in mind to require less of your time and deliver ready-to-use, customizable results.

Based on member feedback, the survey focuses on the key operations and financial metrics that matter most to foodservice distributors when evaluating company performance. Key performance metrics covered in the survey include sales growth, private-label product sales, inventory levels, technology implementation, inbound and outbound totals, error rates, on-time delivery rates, employee turnover, as well as standard balance sheet and income statement data.

Benchmarking-screenshot-2.pngParticipating companies receive free access to the online portal, which will present results as an interactive infographic, an industry-aggregate report and a company-specific performance report. In addition, there will be customized data-reporting, a report-card function, and what-if analysis tools.

IFDA engaged Industry Insights to execute the program to keep data confidential and secure - participant information will not be seen by IFDA. For technical and online portal questions, contact Industry Insights’ Mike Ferris at

For questions about IFDA’s benchmarking program, email Annika Stensson at


Compensation and Benefits Research

We also offer research on cross-industry compensation and benefits for salaried and executive positions in wholesale distribution, and on hourly compensation for driver and warehouse positions

Operations Metrics & Definitions

IFDA engaged a committee of foodservice distribution executives to identify commonly used performance metrics and develop consensus on common definitions. While companies use various KPIs for internal purposes, IFDA uses these industry metrics.

Inbound Metrics & Definitions

Outbound Metrics & Definitions

Delivery Metrics & Definitions

Employee Definitions