2019 Compensation Survey: Driver and Warehouse Edition

Recruiting qualified drivers and warehouse personnel is becoming increasingly challenging and the labor pool will remain shallow for the foreseeable future. Offering competitive compensation and benefits to hourly employees is a good tool to ease that challenge. But what offerings are competitive?
Comp-survey-screenshot.pngIFDA’s 2019 Compensation Survey: Driver and Warehouse Positions Edition is now closed. Results are expected in fall 2019.

This survey of hourly positions provides a better understanding of how your company's compensation levels and benefits practices compare in the labor market. This cross-industry survey also collects data from other wholesale distribution sectors to map the broader compensation environment.

  • 23 hourly positions, including drivers, selectors, stockers, dispatchers, fork life operators, maintenance mechanics, and more.
  • Details on base wage rates, incentive/component pay, benefits, annual pay adjustments, turnover, and more.
  • The online portal will hold the results for participating companies once available.
  • Non-participating companies may purchase an aggregate PDF report.
Foodservice distributors that complete the survey will receive free access to the following:
  • PDF Industry Report. The 2019 Compensation Report: Driver & Warehouse Positions Edition is a stand-alone PDF document that provides a detailed analysis of key benefits and compensation related statistics.
  • PDF Company Report. A confidential, individualized reports that presents a participant’s own compensation and benefit information alongside the appropriate comparatives. This provides respondents with their own metrics and ratios calculated in the same manner as in the report.  With this report, participants will save time and have confidence that their decisions are based on accurate, consistent information.
  • Excel Data Tables. These tables go far beyond the level of detail available through the printer-friendly reports. The Excel file contains every data aggregate compiled in the survey.
  • Searchable Results. This online tool allows participants to examine the data in ways not possible through the PDF reports or Excel Data Tables. With the application, participants can create their own data cuts by combining the aggregates in the Excel Data Tables. For example, instead of only seeing the results by companies in Ohio or by publicly held companies, the results can be seen by publicly held companies in Ohio.
IFDA has again engaged Industry Insights, an independent research company, to collect and compile the results of the study.  Industry Insights has more than 35 years of experience in conducting confidential, compensation benchmarking studies of this nature. The survey is hosted and maintained on a secure server to keep your data safe and confidential.

For questions about IFDA’s compensation survey and other research, contact Annika Stensson at astensson@ifdaonline.org.

Benchmarking-report-cover.jpgNew Benchmarking Research Available

The new IFDA benchmarking survey results are now available to participating companies. A PDF report with aggregate industry numbers broken down by general business profile categories (i.e. no company specific data) is available for purchase to non-participating companies.

Screenshot-platform.pngThe 60 participating foodservice distribution companies receive free, exclusive access to full results presented in several different formats via an online portal at www.IFDABenchmarking.com:
  • The 2019 IFDA Operations & Financial Performance Report — a downloadable PDF with aggregate industry numbers.
  • An individual Company Performance Report — a downloadable PDF available only to you that compares your data to the industry aggregates.
  • Detailed Data Tables — a downloadable Excel spreadsheet of the full results.
  • Interactive Infographic – a graphic that presents key industry metrics you can populate with your own data for a visual comparison.
  • Scenario Generator — an interactive online tool that allows users to see the potential impact that changes in their business could have.
  • A searchable results module where participants can build their own reports and download charts and graphs will be added soon.

IFDA launched its new consolidated benchmarking survey in December 2018. This new, refreshed program was designed with busy schedules in mind to require less time and deliver ready-to-use, customizable results. The survey focused on the key operations and financial metrics, including sales growth, private-label product sales, inventory levels, technology implementation, inbound and outbound totals, error rates, on-time delivery rates, employee turnover, as well as standard balance sheet and income statement data.

IFDA engaged Industry Insights to execute the program to keep data confidential and secure - participant information will not be seen by IFDA. For technical and online portal questions, contact Industry Insights’ Scott Hackworth at shackworth@industryinsights.com.

For questions about IFDA’s benchmarking program, email Annika Stensson at astensson@ifdaonline.org.

Compensation and Benefits Research

We also offer research on cross-industry compensation and benefits for salaried and executive positions in wholesale distribution (2018), and on hourly compensation for driver and warehouse positions (2017)