We are in the process of relaunching our benchmarking program for operational and financial metrics. Check back soon for details. 

New research is now available on cross-industry compensation and benefits for salaried and executive positions in wholesale distribution.

Also available is data on hourly compensation for driver and warehouse positions

Benchmark Metrics & Definitions 

Understanding how your business is performing compared to similar businesses can help identify areas or improvement and opportunities to grow. In an industry with very slim profit margins, it's especially critical to manage costs in transportation and warehousing.

IFDA engaged a committee of foodservice distribution executives to identify commonly used performance metrics and develop consensus on common definitions. While companies use various KPIs for internal purposes, IFDA's business research and benchmarking surveys use these industry metrics.

Inbound Metrics & Definitions

Outbound Metrics & Definitions

Delivery Metrics & Definitions

Employee Definitions