March 5, 2021

Privacy and Right-To-Work laws are at stake, among other issues.
MCLEAN, Va., March 5, 2021 — Mark S. Allen, President and CEO of the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA), issued the following statement regarding the recently introduced PRO Act which is expected to come to a House vote early next week. This legislation would erase a century of bipartisan consensus and balance reached by courts, regulators, and lawmakers, and create a new national model for the employer-employee relationship. His comments:
“IFDA is extremely concerned that the provisions of the Protecting the Right to Organize Act would make dramatic changes to workplace laws, destroying the careful balance that is critical to ensuring that the rights of both workers and employers are protected," Allen said. “This legislation would limit personal choice for workers regarding whether they wish to join a union at their workplace, as well as eliminate employee consent to give personal contact information to union organizers.  Additionally, this requirement would invalidate Right-to-Work laws across the country, including 27 states whose populations and representatives voted for and implemented such laws. We urge Members of Congress to reject this law, which will negatively impact the American economy, just as it is rebounding from the COVID-19 crisis.”
About IFDA
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