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New IFDA Research Provides Insight into Recruiting and Retaining Millennial and Gen Z Workers

The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) today released new research that provides insights for foodservice distribution professionals into younger workers’ attitudes toward working life, schedules, and career advancement. Winning Over Millennial and Gen Z Workers: A Guide for Foodservice Distributors to Attract the Next Generation of Team Members is based on feedback from foodservice distribution executives and a survey of more than 1,000 Millennial and Gen Z individuals without college degrees that examines attitudes and perceptions about what younger workers prioritize when choosing a job.

Key Highlights Include:

  • While Millennial and Gen Z workers have different work expectations and preferences than previous generations, many respondents cite earning a good living as their primary goal.
  • When it comes to career advancement, one-third of younger workers say they prefer to keep doing the same job with increasing compensation. In contrast, only 4% said their preference would be to job hop and advance by moving to jobs at different companies. 
  • More than two-thirds say it’s important that their job titles convey their contributions; for example, instead of an “employee,” they are referred to as an “associate.”

“The foodservice distribution industry is facing unprecedented warehouse and driver labor challenges as the U.S. continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Mark S. Allen, President and CEO of IFDA. “This research will help foodservice distributors better connect with the emerging workforce and position foodservice distribution as an employer of choice, with the opportunity for generous compensation and advancement opportunities.”

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