Sysco’s Distracted Driving Program: What’s Worked, What Hasn’t & How They Got Everyone Bought In



To combat rising collision rates linked to behind-the-wheel cell-phone use, Sysco developed and launched a company-wide Distracted Driving Awareness & Prevention Program. The challenge? Finding the delicate balance between positive recognition and disciplinary action to reinforce a safety culture and eliminate risky driving behaviors.
In this webinar, you’ll hear from Sysco’s Senior Field Safety Manager on how they built and rolled out the program, as well as conquered challenges like overcoming internal pushback to establish a “living and breathing” policy that keeps drivers engaged and the brand intact.
You’ll learn:

  • How to effectively roll out a distracted driving program
  • How to get drivers and senior leadership to adopt a company-wide policy
  • How to measure success and prove the ROI of your program

Registration for this webinar is free.

Roger Adams, Senior Field Safety Manager – Transportation, Sysco Corporation
Patrick Mahan, Senior Client Success Manager, Lytx