The 3G Sunset Dilemma 
Held November 4

Devices on your trucks could be using older 3G and even 2G generations of the cellular network, which are about to be “sunset.” That means as cellular carriers make the switch to 4G and 5G, devices that depend on those older networks will stop working. If you don’t update your devices in time, you could leave your fleet and your business exposed to non-compliant and at-risk status, resulting in fines. PLM’s Vice President of Customer Solutions, Don Durm, will outline what you need to do to insure you are prepared and take your questions.

Sponsored by: PLM

Presenter: Don Durm
Don Durm is a 25-year veteran of PLM, an international industry expert, writerDon-Durm-ROUND-(1).PNG and keynote speaker on cold chain handoff applications, regulatory compliance, and supply chain technology.