Tax Reform
Major tax reform legislation was passed by Congress int the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on December 22, 2017. The House Ways and Means Committee provided a resource website for the bill.

The S Corp Association
An Organization exclusively devloted to protecting and promoting the interests of American's 4.7 million S corporations.

Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates
The mission of the Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates is to educate Congress and key stakeholders that tax reform should be viewed through the lens of effective tax rates, the amount of taxes businesses actually pay. 

LIFO Repeal – Issue Brief
IFDA overview, position and talking points, July, 2013  

The LIFO Coalition
This coalition represents more than 120 trade associations and businesses of every size in a wide swath of American industry – including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retailing that employ the LIFO accounting method. Repealing LIFO would force companies currently using this method to report their LIFO reserves as income, resulting in a massive tax increase for large and small businesses across the country.