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Our country is experiencing a massive labor shortage. The talent shortage is not new — but it's getting worse and will have far-reaching consequences on the economy. In the foodservice distribution alone, there is an estimated 17,500+ warehouse positions and 15,000+ driver positions currently open. In a recent survey of our national trade associations members, 100% of respondents indicated it was difficult or extremely difficult to find both warehouse and driver positions. This is despite pay well above national averages.

The DRIVE-Safe Act

The country is facing a massive truck driver shortage that’s increasing the costs of consumer goods and hurting the economy. A group of bipartisan lawmakers in both the House and Senate recently introduced the DRIVE-Safe Act, critical legislation that will answer the country’s massive driver shortage by promoting opportunity and enhanced safety training for emerging members of this growing workforce. A coalition of more than 120 companies and trade associations endorses the DRIVE-Safe Act, including IFDA and the American Trucking Associations (ATA). Learn more here.

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