Tips and Resources for Employee COVID-19 Vaccine Education Campaigns

As the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine continues, some Americans may be unclear about the risks and benefits. If you are planning to launch a COVID-19 vaccination education campaign for your employees, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Poll your employees to see if they are planning/willing to get the vaccine. Ask employees who do not intend to get the vaccine the reasoning behind their decision.

  • Make educational materials available to your employees on the science behind the vaccine. There are numerous educational resources from reputable sources listed below. If you wish to encourage employees to get the vaccine, you can customize this sample email message and send it to your employees to introduce your COVID-19 vaccine education activities.

  • If you are not already working with your local health department, consider reaching out for assistance. The health department’s immunization program can help coordinate vaccination clinics, provide speakers for presentations, and offer other types of expertise.

  • Develop a tracking system to determine what percentage of your workforce has been vaccinated.