Through coalitions with other business groups that share common goals, IFDA is able to more effectively shape the outcome of legislative and regulatory activity. On behalf of the foodservice distribution industry, IFDA is a founding member or participant in the following coalitions.

Coalition for a Democratic Workplace

Coalition for a Democratic Workplace

Originally created to defeat the "Employee Free Choice Act" or card check bill, the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) is the leading business coalition on many labor and union related issues. Through CDW, IFDA has gone to federal court to defeat a number of pro-union initiatives by the National Labor Relations Board. For more information, visit the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace website.

Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates

Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates
The mission of the Coalition for Fair Effective Tax Rates is to educate Congress and key stakeholders that tax reform should be viewed through the lens of effective tax rates, the amount of taxes businesses actually pay. "With effective rates for distributors generally much higher than many other businesses, it is critical that tax reform be based on effective tax rates," said Mark Allen, IFDA president and CEO. The coalition seeks to broaden the tax base, lower rates for all business, including corporations and pass-through's, and ensure that all American businesses pay a fair effective rate. To read more about the coalition, click here.

Feed Food Fairness - Take RFS Off the Menu

Feed Food Fairness Take RFS Off the Menu
This coalition is composed of small businesses owners, operators, franchisees and the entire food supply chain urging Congress to repeal the flawed Renewable Fuel Standard program. While it may have been well-intentioned when originally enacted, the impact of the RFS on the overall economy has resulted in dramatic food cost increases that will continue as long as corn is diverted to ethanol production.  The demand created by the RFS has increased the price of corn by 300% since 2005 and has resulted in additional annual costs of up to $18,000 for the average restaurant. To view the coalition’s activities, click here.

The LIFO Coalition

This coalition represents more than 120 trade associations and businesses of every size in a wide swath of American industry – including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retailing that employ the LIFO accounting method. Repealing LIFO would force companies currently using this method to report their LIFO reserves as income, resulting in a massive tax increase for large and small businesses across the country. For more information, visit the LIFO Coalition website.

Essential Worker Immigration Coalition (EWIC)

This broad-based coalition of businesses, trade associations, and other organizations are concerned with the shortage of both skilled and lesser skilled ("essential worker") labor. EWIC supports policies that facilitate the employment of essential workers by U.S. companies and organizations, and supports reform of U.S. immigration policy to facilitate a sustainable workforce for the American economy, while still ensuring our national security and prosperity. EWIC was formed in July of 1999 with principal leadership from the American Healthcare Association (AHCA). For additional information, visit the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition website.

Americans for Modern Transportation

Americans for Modern Transportation
IFDA is a charter member of Americans for Modern Transportation, a group of American shippers, carriers and retailers advocating for improved transportation infrastructure and policy that will reflect the needs of modern businesses and consumers. Among the coalition's goals is nationwide access to twin 33-foot trailers. For more information, click here.


Coalition for Workplace Safety

CWS Logo
The Coalition for Workplace Safety is a group of associations and employers who believe in improving workplace safety through cooperation, assistance, transparency, clarity, and accountability. For more information, visit