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IFDA Honored to Receive the Legacy Resilience Award for 2020-2021

Yesterday, Lisa Broyhill, VP of Industry Relations at IFDA, accepted the Legacy Foodservice Alliance Resilience Award for 2020-2021 at Legacy’s Spring Marketplace in Austin, Texas. IFDA accepted the award on behalf of the entire foodservice distribution industry.

The Resilience Award is occasionally granted to a Legacy Foodservice Alliance member who, in the face of extreme adversity, finds ways to overachieve and deliver outstanding service to their customers and community. Given the adversity facing the foodservice industry over the past two years, Legacy decided to recognize all distributors by giving the award to IFDA, the premier trade association representing the industry.

“So, for 2020 and 2021, we’d like to recognize all of you. You all have had to jump through hoops, do more than you ever thought you would have to do, or perhaps could do, to take care of your customers and your businesses,” said Steve Push, chief executive officer of Legacy Foodservice Alliance.  “For your role in feeding America the last two years – you are all heroes.”

“IFDA is proud to represent such a resilient industry,” said Broyhill. “Thank you again for this award; it means a great deal to us.”


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