The IFDA Solutions Conference provides food distribution professionals with the latest strategies on recruiting and retaining talent, how to engage staff, and more in these valuable workshops.

Elevate Your Hiring and Retention
Recruiting and retaining productive employees has never been more challenging, but thinking outside the box can help you see surprising results. Join our panel for a thought-provoking discussion on fresh approaches to building your workforce, from flexible schedules and pay periods to career mapping redesigned for the digital era.

De-Escalating Tense Situations
Learn from a law enforcement veteran how to spot a situation beginning to go sideways. You’ll gain tactical tools to utilize before arriving at a bad outcome, as well as tips on how to recognize and address employee needs in helpful and constructive ways.
Speaker: Veteran law enforcement consultant Mark Benson

Get Organized Before Union Organizing
The best way to prepare for union organizing activities? Have a clear understanding of on-the-ground morale – and a plan to act quickly. This session will break down signals to look for in your workforce and what to do before and during an event
Speaker: Steve Rahaal, Shareholder, Littler.

Fixing Personnel Issues Through Performance Coaching
Undesired associate behaviors can be easier to fix than you think. By utilizing today’s best performance coaching practices, supervisors can effect meaningful change in their team members without causing strife or bad feelings.
Speaker: Johnny Mullins, Driver Education Network

How to Have a Difficult Discussion: Grow Your Confidence and Skill
You have a performance issue with your staff, you need to have a “Talk” with your boss, or a customer is upset. Learn a step-by-step approach that transforms a dreaded conversation into a skilled, honest, and productive one
Speaker: Shelly Rowe