As foodservice in retail continues to experience rapid growth, be prepared to meet demand. Get the latest insights into improving your distribution operations through these tracks.


EV Made EZ
The electric vehicle revolution that seismically shifted the consumer market is now spreading to industrial vehicles. With new state regulations arriving almost as fast as technological advancements, how can your company be prepared for an increasingly electric future? 

How to Tactfully Implement Vehicle Cameras
Maximizing safety and data through onboard cameras while not alienating your employees is a tricky needle to thread. Our experts will help you understand all facets of the process, including getting driver buy-in, setting standards, when to record, what to record and what to do with it.

Colleague Connect
In these peer-driven discussions, you’ll learn directly from industry colleagues through candid and colloquial discussions focusing on transportation, warehouse, human resources and women in foodservice

Human Resources

Elevate Your Hiring and Retention
Recruiting and retaining productive employees has never been more challenging, but thinking outside the box can help you see surprising results. Join our panel for a thought-provoking discussion on fresh approaches to building your workforce, from flexible schedules and pay periods to career mapping redesigned for the digital era.

Get Organized Before Union Organizing
The best way to prepare for union organizing activities? Have a clear understanding of on-the-ground morale – and a plan to act quickly. This session will break down signals to look for in your workforce and what to do before and during an event
Speaker: Steve Rahaal, Shareholder, Littler.

Fixing Personnel Issues Through Performance Coaching
Undesired associate behaviors can be easier to fix than you think. By utilizing today’s best performance coaching practices, supervisors can effect meaningful change in their team members without causing strife or bad feelings.
Speaker: Johnny Mullins, Driver Education Network

Preparing for FSMA 204
The FDA Food Traceability Final Rule could have a significant impact on distributors’ food safety procedures. Get clear, actionable insight into the status and implementation of FSMA 204 from IFDA’s Government Affairs Team and Food Safety Committee.

Safety Programs That Stick
In facilities filled with new employees and constant activity, putting time and creativity into safety training development is an investment that will keep your operation humming. This session will explore ideas for crafting memorable and easy-to-learn safety programs that stick with employees long after orientation. 
Speaker: Ken Cosby, Dir., Safety and Compliance, Performance Food Group

Maximize Your Assets
Whether you’re a long-time distribution operations veteran or new to the industry, you won’t want to miss our experts’ best secrets for extending the lifecycle and lead times of your company’s most valuable warehouse equipment.

Boost Employee Health and Productivity through Ergonomics
In conjunction with the Ohio State University, IFDA recently conducted research about the use of ergonomics to improve the day-to-day working environment for food distribution employees. This session will explore the results and explain how implementing ergonomics best practices can benefit both workers and your bottom line.