Develop your leadership and management skills to get things done and bring out the best in your team, whether you’re an aspiring, new, or seasoned leader.

Unlocking the Value of Collaboration
As the evolution of the foodservice industry continues to accelerate, it is critical to continue to enhance how you collaborate with strategic trading partners. Join us in this session to hear supply chain collaboration success stories, best practices in supply chain collaboration and keys to enhancing supply chain collaboration today and into the future.
Speaker: Art Bell, Partner, Kinetic 12

Leading Others in the Modern Age
UVA Professor Jared Harris, head of IFDA’s Executive Development Program, leads a discussion on thinking outside the box and how teams make decisions. You’ll leave this session with fresh perspectives on everyday managerial challenges.
Speaker: Shelly Rowe

Preparing for FSMA 204
The FDA Food Traceability Final Rule could have a significant impact on distributors’ food safety procedures. Get clear, actionable insight into the status and implementation of FSMA 204 from IFDA’s Government Affairs Team and Food Safety Committee.

Get Organized Before Union Organizing 
The best way to prepare for union organizing activities? Have a clear understanding of on-the-ground morale – and a plan to act quickly. This session will break down signals to look for in your workforce and what to do before and during an event.
Speaker: Steve Rahaal, Shareholder, Littler.

Beltway Roundup
As we head into what promises to be a volatile election year, Mala Parker, IFDA’s VP of Government Affairs, will provide an overview of the current legislative and regulatory landscape and its impact on food distributors.

Complex Decisions: Why More Data Isn’t the Answer
Shelley Row returns to lead this interactive workshop. Complicated decisions are hard enough but with current circumstances, these decisions take on even more complexity. Learn a step-by-step process to hone in on the real issues to deepen your understanding of the problem, reframe your decision and achieve your goals with less frustration. 
Speaker: Shelly Rowe