Competition Events

Driving Course Challenge: Six driving course problems simulate everyday challenges that drivers face in operating their vehicle and test their skills in evaluating the overall driving situation when moving from one challenge to another. This championship includes dual courses to speed up the competition. One course is dedicated to 5-Axle and a second course to 3-Axle and Straight Trucks. Spectators have a great view of both courses!

Pre-trip Vehicle Inspection: Each driver conducts a vehicle inspection to uncover “planted” equipment defects and safety hazards and to determine the readiness of the vehicle for operation. Drivers are scored based on the number of defects they ­identify.

Written Test Questions: Sources for this year’s written examination will be the J.J. Keller & Associates Green Book: FMCS Safety Regulations (March 2021) ( and the 2020 ATA Facts for Drivers available at

Driver Eligibility

In the past, eligibility criteria required that a contestant at the IFDA Truck Driving Championship had to be a winner of a company-sponsored competition, or had to be the highest placing company representative at a state, local, regional, or provincial truck driving competition.  We know that many foodservice distributors may not be in a position to conduct their own company-wide competition but will want to have contestants compete in the IFDA Truck Driving Championship. IFDA has modified the criteria to take this into account.  

We want to make it easier for you to send your best drivers to Orlando for the 2022 IFDA Truck Driving Championship. To that end, qualification criteria have been modified as follows:   

  1. At least one year of continuous full-time employment as a driver with a food distribution company (i.e., foodservice distributor, food manufacturer with private fleet, retail/wholesale grocery wholesaler, etc.), and is currently a full-time driver (not a supervisor).
  2. A competing driver must have an “accident free” driving record for one year prior to October 13, 2022. An accident free driving record means the driver is not involved in any accidents where they are at fault and has not incurred any alcohol or drug-related chargeable violations.
  3. The driver holds a valid license for the type of commercial vehicle to be driven during the IFDA competition.
  4. The driver has continuously distinguished himself/herself by embracing a culture of safety and seeking to improve as a professional.
  5. The driver has the skills and abilities to be competitive at the national IFDA Truck Driving Championship.

If you wish to conduct your own company competition, the IFDA guide below can help you conduct a successful company competition, and includes details on materials and personnel needed as well as course layout, and insights on the written exam and pre-trip inspection portions of the competition.
COVERTDC-Guidebook-2021.jpgGuide to Coordinating a Successful Truck Driving Competition
(Acrobat Reader required)