What size trucks are used in the competition?

Three classes of competition are offered:
• 2-Axle / Straight Truck
• 3-Axle / 28-ft Tractor Trailer
• 5-Axle / 48 or 53-ft Tractor Trailer

Each company participating may enter up to three contestants per division (or distribution center), with one driver per class. No driver may compete in more than one class of competition.

What are the different events that decide a drivers score?

Driving Course Challenge
Six driving course problems simulate everyday challenges that drivers face in operating their vehicle and test their skills in evaluating the overall driving situation when moving from one challenge to another. This championship includes dual courses to speed up the competition. One course is dedicated to 5-Axle and a second course to 3-Axle and Straight Trucks. Spectators have a great view of both courses!

Written Examination
The written exam includes questions that measure a driver’s knowledge of safety and operating procedures. Awareness of highway safety rules and regulations, as well as first aid and fire-fighting procedures are important for successful completion of the exam. All questions that appear on the exam are carefully screened to ensure fairness for all drivers. Sources for this year’s written examination will be the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations Handbook available at J.J. Keller & Associates (www.jjkeller.com) and the 2018 ATA Facts for Drivers available at www.atabusinesssolutions.com.

Pre-trip Vehicle Inspection
Each driver conducts a vehicle inspection to uncover “planted” equipment defects and safety hazards and to determine the readiness of the vehicle for operation. Drivers are scored based on the number of defects they ­identify.

How do I select drivers for this competition?

To compete in the IFDA Truck Driving Championship, a driver must be the winner of a company-sponsored competition (at a divisional or higher level), OR be the highest placing company representative at a state, local, regional, or provincial truck driving competition. If the highest placing driver is not the first place winner, a minimum number of five drivers must have competed in that class.

A competing driver must have an “ACCIDENT FREE” driving record for ONE YEAR prior to September 11, 2020. An “ACCIDENT FREE” driving record means the driver is not involved in any accidents where they are at fault and has not incurred any alcohol or drug-related chargeable violations.

Companies are eligible to send drivers from more than one division or location. For example, if a company has three divisions or locations, the highest placing driver from each division or location is eligible to compete in the class of competition he/she competed in or won.

Each driver must also meet the following eligibility ­requirements:
  1. At least one year of continuous full-time employment as a driver with a food distribution company. These include foodservice distributors, manufacturers with a private fleet, retail/wholesale grocery, etc. The individual must currently be a full-time driver (not a supervisor).
  2. The driver must hold a valid license for the type of truck he/she will drive during the competition.
  3. Each participating company must ­submit to IFDA a copy of each driver’s CDL, a driver eligibility statement, and a motor vehicle report to verify the driver’s record. Any changes to the driving record, after it has been submitted, must be reported to IFDA immediately. See the “Registration Form” for more information.

How is the winner determined?

The scores for each driver from all three parts of the competition are totaled. The driver who finishes with the highest score in each class will be the first place winner of that class of competition. In the event of a tie score, the highest written test score will be used as the tie-breaker.

What prizes are awarded to drivers?

All competing drivers will receive a competition shirt and hat, a duffel bag, and a certificate of participation. Prizes for the winners in each category of the competition are as follows:

1st Place: $2500, Championship Medal, Champion’s Jacket (letterman style with logo on back and driver’s name on front), and a large Champion’s Magnet to display on their company vehicle.
2nd Place: $1500 & Championship Medal.
3rd Place: $1000 & Championship Medal.

Rookie of the Year Award: $500 and a Customized Louisville Slugger.

Team Award: Championship Team Trophy.

How many drivers compete?

The competition is limited to 150 drivers. It is therefore important to register your drivers as early as possible before the deadline date. If you will not have a driver identified before the registration deadline, please contact Jodee Hunt at (703) 962-9938.

What is the dress code for the different events?

The following are dress guidelines for the IFDA Truck Driving Championship.

Dress at the Awards Banquet
For men, jacket and tie or company uniforms. For women, dresses, suits, or appropriate attire. For children, please select appropriate attire for a dinner.

Dress for All Other Truck Driving Championship Events
Drivers are strongly encouraged to wear company uniforms or a company shirt and hat for the field course competition. Jeans and shorts are acceptable. Judges must wear the truck driving championship shirts (supplied at check-in) while judging.

What happens if I have a conflict and can't attend?

Stuff happens! If you have a conflict, you may cancel your registration. Cancellations must emailed by 8/11/2020, and a refund will be made less a $50 processing. Please note that after this date, no refunds will be made. Send refund requests to Mary Som at msom@ifdaonline.org.

If you are in management and have a change where you can't come, you can send a substitute in your place at any time up until September 4, one week prior to the champiosnhip.

To cancel or transfer a registration, contact Jodee Hunt at jhunt@ifadonline.org.

Will I receive event updates?

Yes, IFDA sends emails periodically to update you on the event if needed and to provide registration confirmations. Please make sure to supply your company email address when registering to ensure you are receiving all important event information.

How can I sponsor the 2021 Truck Driving Championship?

IFDA Elite Sponsors support this conference through sponsorships in the Elite program. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. For information, contact Matt Witt at mwitt@ifdaonline.org.

How can I promote the competition to my drivers? 

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