In the past, eligibility criteria required that a contestant at the IFDA Truck Driving Championship had to be a winner of a company-sponsored competition, or had to be the highest placing company representative at a state, local, regional, or provincial truck driving competition.  To ensure the very best drivers are able to compete in the annual IFDA Truck Driving Championship, the eligibility criteria have been expanded as follows:  

  1. At least one year of continuous full-time employment as a driver with a food distribution company (i.e., foodservice distributor, foodservice manufacturer with private fleet, grocery wholesaler, convenience distributor, etc.), and is currently a full-time driver (not a supervisor).
  2. Eligible drivers must have an “accident free” driving record for one year prior to October 13, 2022 (an accident free driving record means the driver is not involved in any accidents where they are at fault and has not incurred any alcohol or drug-related chargeable violations).
  3. The driver holds a valid license for the type of truck to be driven during the IFDA competition.
  4. The driver has continuously distinguished himself/herself by embracing a culture of safety and seeks to improve as a professional.
  5. The driver has the skills and abilities to be competitive at the national IFDA Truck Driving Championship.