John Paré, Planning Council Chair
Director of Business Development, Cheney Brothers

Kevin Ullrich, Planning Council Co-Chair
Chief Executive Officer, Jake's Finer Foods

John Allen
Director of Business Solutions & Customer Development, Van Eerden Foodservice

Amanda Colgan
Associate Director of Sales, McCain Foods USA, Inc.

Angela Dark
Marketing Manager, Martin Bros. Distributing Co., Inc.

Larry Emery
Manager, Sales Operation, Performance Foodservice

Peter Guy
Director of Sales, IWC Food Service

Michelle Harter
Vice President of Marketing, Cash-Wa Distributing

Krista Locke
Director of Marketing, Sugar Foods Corporation

Brian Lynch
Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Ben E. Keith Foods

Matt Malloy
Vice President, Sales, CRS OneSource

Ricky Reed
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Merchants Foodservice - Jackson

Terry Splane
Vice President, Marketing, Ventura Foods, LLC

Drew Wilson
Director of Sales, Sutherland's Foodservice, Inc.

Ryan Yeager
General Sales Manager, Schiff's Food Service, Inc.

Charlynn Driscoll
Director, Educational Programs and Engagement
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