IFDA’s Share Group meetings are where industry professionals discover and develop new ideas via open peer-driven discussions. These biannual meetings provide a forum to share ideas and information on common challenges and opportunities with fellow foodservice distributors in four disciplines: Operations, IT, HR and Finance. The meetings also deliver unparalleled networking opportunities.

Due to the pandemic, 2020 Share Group meetings were held in June via Zoom video conference. Stay tuned for upcoming meeting dates.

Hear from your Peers!

"The IFDA Share Groups are an excellent opportunity to discuss best practices, pain points, and fresh ideas with your peers in a more intimate setting. The moderated discussion keeps the schedule on point, while also broadening the topics with knowledge from the industry. You can expect to walk away with a greater sense of how your KPIs line up industry wide, and new ideas to bring back and implement."
James Hoss
Vice President, Transportation, Operations, Cash-Wa Distributing
I find the IFDA share groups to be my very favorite single IFDA benefit. The groups present a unique opportunity to share business issues in an intimate setting – a setting that goes beyond the in-person meetings, into everyday new relationships that you develop with your industry peers. Highly recommended!”

Drew D. Saur
Chief Information Officer, Palmer Food Services

2021 Share Group schedule (subject to change):

  • Meetings for each of the four disciplines in June 2021 in Las Vegas.
  • Consolidated meetings in conjunction with the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference in 2021.

Questions? Email Annika Stensson  at astensson@ifdaonline.org.