Graduates - 2018 IFDA Executive Development Program

for Foodservice Distribution Executives

A list of the 2018 class is available at the bottom of this page.

Members of the 2018 Class shared their thoughts about the program

“This program, challenges the way you think about how you approach your business differently. The program is delivered in a way to expand your thought leadership and give you the confidence to be a strategic leader. Highly recommend!”
Stevette Santiago, Executive Director, Merchandising & Marketing, Y. Hata & Co., Ltd.

“To change a culture, to change the way we act, we must first change the way we think. This program will provide you with the tools and confidence to do just that!”
Kirk Stowell, Seafood Sales Manager, B&C Food Distribution and 2018 Mike Roach Leadership Award recipient

"A must for every foodservice industry professional seeking to improve and maximize his/her decision making skills!"
Keith Jeanis

"The IFDA Executive Training Program has been the greatest development opportunity I have encountered in my career."
Steve Muschany

"Invaluable new insights and ways to handle business situations are obtained.  Staff is excellent and knows how to pull information from the group and stimulate people outside their normal comfort zones."
Tom Raftery

"The curriculum and outstanding delivery provided by Darden along with the interaction with my industry peers will prove to be a great value to me not only in my career but with life in general."
Wes Holcomb
The 2018 Graduating Class

ROW 1: Dena Wise, Jared Harris, Mandi Clark, Leslie Cruise, Tracey Norrid, Stevette Santiago, Terri Gilmore, Steve Legier, Debbie Roberts, Brent Sherman, Diana Johnson, Kathy Hoener

ROW 2: Wes Holcomb, Jeff Martinez, Steve Muschany, Brian Lockman, Scott Vermillion, Bryan Jones, Brendan Clarke, Matt McAneny, Adam Buglio, Sam Milner, Chip Pray.

ROW 3: Steve Kopp, Kirk Stowell, Daniel Barton, David Bentancourt, Jack Pearce, Michael Goertzen, Matt Browning, Randy Sanders, Keith Jeanis, Michael F. Martinez, Jay Lim, Mike Tette, Tom Raftery, Steve Reiling