2021 DSC Workshop Sessions Include:

Pandemic Lessons for a Post-COVID-19 World
What did the pandemic teach you about your business challenges, changes, and nimbleness to adapt? Does long-range planning, as it stands today, work for the future? Get key insights and takeaways you can implement to improve your organization's long-range planning.
Hiring & Retention & Turnover
This session will focus on the current truck driver shortage and best practices for hiring and retaining harder shifts.
Food Safety
This session will examine the responsibilities and duties currently utilized for successful audits and inspections broken down by the day, week, and month.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
As companies look to improve the DEI performance of their organization, some find it difficult to know how to develop and implement an effective plan. In this session, attendees with walk away with:

  • Key steps in evaluating the current culture
  • Key components of a comprehensive plan
  • Best practices in implementation
  • Insights into measuring progress

The 411 on Developing and Managing a Budget for an Operating Department
Companies that meet their financial goals have a strong planning process that includes a financial budget.  Operating budgets and forecasts may be weekly, monthly or annually.  The common thread is that a budget or plan provides a roadmap to achieving the company's goals.  This session will be an interactive discussion led by foodservice distribution operations and financial managers. Attendees will walk away from this session with:

  • An overview of a successful budgeting process
  • Insight into calculating labor and other key costs
  • Roles of the staff in the process:
         • Operating Manager
         • General or Facility Manager
         • Financial Manager
  • Approaches to measuring actual results versus the budget

Last Mile Delivery Post Pandemic
This session will focus on the challenges that distributors will face as consumers emerge from lockdowns and get back to normal.  Panelists will do a deep dive into the new consumer behaviors that need to be addressed by distributors.
Damage Prevention
In this session, panelists will explore solutions that work to help prevent damages. Experts will discuss proper receiving protocols and the claims process. Additionally, the session will take attendees through the process of bringing a successful conclusion to a claim with a carrier on damages.
Drugs & the Workplace
Get insight into how various states and employers are dealing with the legalization of marijuana and corresponding drug testing. Get best practices for employers regarding marijuana legalization and the corresponding drug testing.

Employee Engagement & Mental Health
In the last year, mental health has become one of the most talked-about challenges for our employees in the workplace.  This session will explore the many risk factors for mental health that may be present in your work environment.  After identifying these risk factors, ideas and methods for achieving a healthy workplace will be shared along with the opportunity for open discussion. Attendees will:

  • Get insights into how to recognize mental health risk factors in your work environment.
  • Learn why it is important to have an open discussion about mental health in the workplace.
  • Learn about resources available to help your company navigate mental health issues in the work place.
  • Learn techniques to improve your workplace culture and support the mental health needs of your team.

Preventing or Decertifying a Union Starts at the TOP
Too often, the executive level points the finger toward the employees or first-line supervisors for union organizing. When in fact the policies, procedures, and culture coming from the top carry a large part on employee satisfaction. In this session, our speaker will discuss how to look at your current policies, procedures and culture for potential pitfalls which could begin or grow union organizing. And what you can implement to help prevent it. Attendees will learn:

  • How to transform your company’s environment to build a bond with employees while unionized.
  • What are the Red Flags of union organizing.

The Warehouse of the Future
Speakers will examine what that the automated warehouse will look like.
Slotting and Inventory
Learn how to leverage technology to improve productivity and slotting of slow moving inventory.
Safety Compliance
Learn what safety compliance looks like in the new administration.
Contingency Planning
Whether it is due to an extreme weather event or employee shortage, disruptions in staffing can make it impossible for a location to ship.  Learn how to put a contingency plan in place. 

Understanding the Importance of Lifecycle Components in Truck and Trailer Design
Learn how to combine the different elements and requirements to spec and design a best in class refrigerated trailer.

Equipment Acquisition & Life Cycle Management
Understand life cycle management to get optimum efficiencies to the bottom line. 
Operations & Transportation Communications
Tips on building successful communication between operations and transportations. 
Professional Development
Consultant Shelley Row will be back with her insightful leadership to conduct two sessions:
Communicating Without Losing Your Cool
Every day you deal with challenging situations and difficult people. It’s easy to lose your cool but that only makes the situation worse. In this interactive session, you’ll learn the secret to recognizing your own tipping point and learning how to walk yourself back from the edge. You need to know these techniques, so you don’t blow it!
Communication Essentials: Listening Between the Lines
We think of communication as an exchange of information. If only it were so simple. Effective communication also enhances the relationship and that requires listening between the lines. In this neuroscience-based session, you’ll learn to separate the content of discussion from the emotional context. And you’ll discover the listening skills to manage both content and context for this make-or-break skill.
… And more to come.