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Smarter Succession Planning
Effective succession planning requires far more than just identifying up-and-coming leaders. You must also keep them engaged in their current roles, thoughtfully expand their knowledge base, convey clear paths for advancement, and prepare a strategic plan for handing off the baton. This session will break down a 9-block plan for ensuring a careful and effective transition to the next generation of distribution leaders.

Steering the Next Generation Toward Careers in Trucking
Attracting young people into professional trucking careers isn’t just important – it’s a five-alarm fire situation for an industry that relies on a robust transportation workforce. This session will focus on proactive steps that companies can take to invest in this critical pipeline, from collaborations with school systems to internal CDL pathway programs.

Managing Mental Health 
One of today’s most important labor trends is the increased focus on mental health and how it contributes to employee retention and productivity. This session will explore the many risk factors for mental health that may be present in your work environment, while highlighting tools and resources for investing in team members’ wellbeing.


Protect Your Assets! Cybersecurity Best Practices for Distributors  
There is no safe haven in the digital economy – for any successful company, cyberattacks are a question of “when,” not “if.” Fortunately, you have a wide variety of new tools and tactics at your disposal that can help you stay ahead of nefarious actors. The presenters in this session will describe the recent attack they endured, its impact on business and what you can do to build a modern-day suit of armor that will frustrate even the most advanced cybercriminals.

Living Through a Department of Labor Audit
The Department of Labor (DOL) announced plans to increase audits specifically across the distribution and warehousing industries. When they come calling, it’s important to be ready to answer with the right records, representatives, and response strategy. This session’s speakers, all veterans of DOL audits, will guide you through a recent audit case study to show what works, what’s ineffective, and how your everyday approach to personnel policy will dictate your preparedness when the feds arrive at your doorstep. 

Success Stories from the Frontline of Hiring, Engagement, and Retention
Our industry’s six million dollar question – how do I attract and keep talent in a tight labor market? – has no panacea answers. But with challenges come opportunities to think outside the box, discard outdated philosophies, and elevate your company ahead of the competition. This interactive session will focus on ideas, initiatives, and technology solutions that have led to success in the ongoing battle for personnel.


Best Practices in Truck/Trailer Design​
It takes a village to build a refrigerated trailer…so you better live in the right village! When one manufacturer builds a box, one builds a TRU, one builds a ramp, one builds a roll door, and another builds a bulkhead – each with different warranties and service requirements – you need to know how to put the puzzle together to ensure a cost-effective outcome. This session will help you better understand all the moving parts involved and maximize your time and financial commitment.

10 Warehouse Tweaks to Raise Your Profit Margin ​
In tough economic conditions, every dollar counts.This timely session will train you to bring fresh eyes to viewing your warehouse operation – a perspective that will help you see the dollars floating away due to inefficiencies small and large. You will leave with actionable tips that will make your financial officers happy without disrupting your operations workforce.

The Business Value of Implementing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policies 
Improving the DEI performance of your organization isn’t a cosmetic addition – it can pay real dividends in terms of recruiting and retaining top talent. While there is no one blueprint for developing and implementing a successful DEI program, companies can synthesize what has worked for others with successful elements of their own workplace culture to create a program that will produce real results. Our speakers will dive deep into DEI implementation case studies to provide actionable information you can utilize for moving your company ahead in this increasingly important business arena.

Communication Essentials: Listening Between the Lines (Professional Development)
We think of communication as an exchange of information. If only it were so simple! Effective communication also enhances the relationship and that requires listening between the lines and understanding the nuances of reading your audience. In this neuroscience-based session, you’ll learn to separate the content of the discussion from the emotional context. And you’ll discover the listening skills to manage both content and context for this make-or-break skill.

Safety Programs that Stick  
A robust and engaging safety program can offer managers the most valuable workplace asset – peace of mind that employees will adhere to best practices. A safety program that fails to engage personnel after initial presentations, however, ultimately detracts from a company’s efforts, potentially leading to financial and regulatory headaches. Join this session to explore ideas for crafting memorable and easy-to-learn safety programs that stick with employees long after orientation.

OSHA Update 
How will new priorities and a greater emphasis on enforcement from the Biden Administration’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) affect your company? What has changed about their approach to workplace inspections? In this session, we’ll discuss inspections, enforcement, OSHA’s new Heat Illness National Emphasis Program, and pandemic guidance, cutting through the jargon to convey the regulatory impact on our industry and how to best prepare for an inspection.

Before There is a Union Organzing Attempt  ​
Too often an organization only begins to plan its response to a union attempt after they have been notified, leaving them playing defense on more difficult terrain. This session is designed to explore both arenas: strategic prevention before a union attempt and carefully planned response after. The speakers will help you examine your company’s current policies, procedures, and culture in the context of labor organization activities, as well as plans to have ready to activate if you do get notified and the clock starts ticking.

Long-Range Planning in a Time of Upheaval ​
COVID-19 produced a seismic shift in our industry that threw long-range planning into chaos. With foodservice distributors continuing to face supply chain obstacles, inflationary pressures, operator closures, and labor shortages, this session will focus on ways to make sense of long-range planning at a time when the long term has never been harder to read. 

Food Safety in Operations
Carefully orchestrated coordination between Operations and Food Safety can make or break an audit or inspection. Beginning with training essentials and continuing through day/night safety plans, preparing for unforeseen circumstances, and implementing effective communication that keeps all parties on the same page, this session will provide the complete picture of a successful food safety program.

Drugs and the Workplace
Across the country, states are enacting marijuana decriminalization and legalization legislation that is changing the legal picture of recreational drug usage. Companies must be prepared with appropriate drug testing policies to ensure regulatory compliance and employee safety and productivity. IFDA’s counsel Littler will brief you on the latest policymaking and how to effectively engage employees about a drug-free workplace. 

Maximizing Life Cycle Management​
A more thorough understanding of life cycle management can optimize efficiencies to the bottom line, just as an incomplete approach to managing all of the facets of maintaining and optimizing assets can leave a company running behind. In this session, our experts will explain strategies that can help even the most experienced manager better utilize and forecast data for their company’s most valuable assets.

Making the Most of Your Food Donation Program
Members of IFDA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee will present a newly created resource kit tailored to help foodservice distribution companies of all sizes build a successful food donation program. Attendees will learn the internal, external, and financial benefits of operating a food donation program – from supporting local communities to boosting recruitment and retention – as well as how to standardize tracking, communications tips and templates, and overall best practices used by those who have launched and built robust programs.


Communicating Without Losing Your Cool (Professional Development)​
Every day you deal with challenging situations and difficult people. It’s easy to lose your cool but that only makes the situation worse. In this interactive session, you’ll learn the secret to recognizing your own tipping point and learning how to walk yourself back from the edge. You need to know these techniques, so you don’t blow it!