Monday, October 29

How to Deal with the Sixteen Personality Traits

Speaker: Marilyn Bushey, PowerPAC

Are you looking to leverage personality typing to help your team function better? Using personality types can help to build understanding among diverse teams, facilitate better communication, and create an environment of cooperation and productivity. What's the difference between the ISTJ,ESTJ, and the ENTJ.   How to think and deal with dominant or inferior associates in the workplace.  Do you have the power of an ENTJ on your staff and don't realize it?

At the end of session, attendees will be able to:
  • Distinguish between your extraverts and introverts

Promoting from Within vs Hiring Outside Talent

(Understanding the factors of internal vs external talent searches.)

Speakers: Chuck Bianchi, Palmer Food Services
Dale Barina, Reinhart Foodservice

Open discussion on pros and cons of promoting from within.  Identifying potential gaps and how to address them.

At the end of session, attendees will be able to:
  • ​Identify and understand the Pros/Cons to promoting from within
  • Understand the Pros/Cons of hiring outside talent
  • Understand the factors that tell whether internal or external is the best option
  • Understand strategies for maximizing the pros and overcoming the challenges of internal talent development


Virtual Reality World Training - Using Tech for Effective Training

Speakers: Moustafa Sharawy, Forklift Simulator
Stacey Patch, Raymond

New ways on utilizing virtual reality in training employees on safety tasks before being placed in harmful situations. Forklift training, driving, order selecting.

The on-boarding and refresher training needs in distribution consume a substantial amount of time and resources.  To combat those challenges, this session will focus on new technologies meant to support consistent training in a controlled environment

At the end of session, attendees will be able to:
  • Touch on the brain science of Virtual Reality
  • Building the foundation for muscle memory in a safe environment.
  • Understand how VR directly impacts the organization more than “It’s Cool” factor.
  • Explore how the use of technology for training can assist in retaining younger generations in the workforce.

Tuesday, October 30

The Essentials of Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers and Supervisors

Speakers: Theresa Kessler, IFDA
Kevin Bullock, Ben E. Keith Foods
Ryan Ferguson, Palmer Family of Companies

In every foodservice distribution company, decisions are made based upon their impact on the company’s current financial performance and projected future results. Operations and other nonfinancial managers and supervisors become better decision-makers when they understand the financial components and potential results of their choices.  Knowledge of the budget (the company’s financial roadmap) and financial statements (the company’s scorecard) is also critical to effective communications among nonfinancial managers, financial colleagues, and the organization’s senior executives.

At the end of session, attendees will be able to:
  • Understand financial terminology and general financial principles
  • Gain exposure to the elements of the budgeting process
  • Align the department’s KPIs with the Income Statement
  • Interpret financial statements
  • Make the distinction between income and cash flow

Compensation Plans for Drivers

Speakers: John Marsh, Ben E. Keith Foods
David Christensen, Nicholas & Co.

Some professions have been built on incentives: salespeople are almost always driven by monetary commissions. Tips, another form of incentives, drive most of the income for servers in restaurants and bars. These systems tend to drive targeted behaviors: good service for servers, and top line revenue generation for salespeople. When it comes to warehousing and manufacturing, incentives are not nearly as common, but should they be? During this session, distribution managers will provide and share insights on successful incentive based plans.

At the end of session, attendees will be able to:
  • Implement a successful compensation plan at your company


IDPs and Personal Development – Keys to Increasing Capacity and Skillsets

Speakers: Rob Hendry, Dot Foods and Rob Reynolds, Grainger

Discuss the process of building and administering IDPs. Explore various ways companies are leveraging developmental processes to build stronger teams. This wouldn't be simply a "how to" or roadmap; as I think it starts with commitment for time investment, which is often a large barrier in our business (to many things to get done to invest in development)

At the end of session, attendees will be able to:
  • Understand how to get the ball rolling and build quality IDPs that will challenges future leaders and build valuable skillsets.
  • Implement strategies & ideas to help develop talent across all levels of the organization


Hiring and Retaining Women and Diverse Talent

Speaker: Emily Moscato, St. Joe's University

Research shows that gender and ethnic diversity in the workplace is associated with increased sales revenue, more customers, and greater relative profits. Yet despite the apparent economic benefits, there remain current barriers to achieving inclusive workforce.  This session will explore the ways in which diversifying your business will boost profitability and competitiveness and provide insights into tools and resources needed to overcome current obstacles.

Key takeaways:
  • A better understanding of the benefits of a diverse workforce
  • Insights into current obstacles related to recruiting, retaining and developing women and minorities.
  • Strategies to increase diversity at your organizations for the long-term.