​2022 DSC General Sessions Include:

New Rules For A New World

COVID-19 is not only changing our way of life, it will hasten the arrival of a radical new future of work. While for many of us working from home has been a new and unexpected challenge — that is just the start of a much bigger transformation set to reshape the nature of business itself. In order to survive, every organization will have to virtualize.

Whether it be serving customers through digital channels or leveraging AI, algorithms and automation to ensure business continuity — we are likely to experience in the next twelve months, a decade's worth of change. Not every business will make it, but those that do will never be the same again. And for leaders, now more than ever, is a time to upgrade their capabilities, embrace new technologies, and reimagine what they do.

Check out Mike Walsh in action in this video!


Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty
Ben Nemtin, New York Times best-selling author of What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? and a star of the MTV show The Buried Life.
The world is changing faster than we ever imagined, leaders and teams have to dig deep within themselves to break through and find opportunity in uncertain times. Before becoming a bestselling author, playing basketball at the White House, having beers with Prince Harry, or living out his other dreams, Ben suffered from crippling depression.
After committing to a series of positive life changes, Ben had a shift in perspective that changed his outlook on life and opened himself up to endless possibilities. From there he committed to following his buried dreams and helping others through acts of service. Check out Ben in action in this inspirational video!
As a result of this program, attendees will:

  • Recognize that all aspects of your life impact your work performance.
  • Learn the eight practices that increase well-being during times of stress, anxiety and burnout.
  • Get proof that small acts of service can create a large-scale impact in your organization and community.
  • Optimize performance by transforming your perspective.

The State of Foodservice Distribution: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

A conversation with industry leaders
As Winston Churchill said, never let a good crisis go to waste. The past three years have brought immense and unpredictable challenges. However, uncertain times call for certain measures — calculated decisions that look at each challenge as an opportunity and take into account evolving circumstances. This conversation with distribution leaders will take a deep dive into the industry's most pressing issues, including labor, technology, innovation, and supply chain.

Joe Tracy, CEO, Dot Foods, Inc.
Bill Conrad, CEO and President, Prime Source Foods
Susan Adzick, President, McLane Foodservice, Inc. 
Mark Allen, President & CEO, IFDA (Moderator)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Foodservice Distribution 

Friday Super Session

In an era when transparency is always just a click away, the only thing worse than not having a DE&I strategy is paying lip service to one. Join us for this special show-closing super session about the importance of fully integrating DE&I policies into your organization’s business plan. Leaders from the world’s largest foodservice distributor will show how a genuine commitment to expanding opportunity – which includes executive buy-in and meaningful allocation of resources – can drive positive business, community, and economic impact; solve for talent and labor shortages; and help you stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Greg Keller, Senior Vice President of National Sales, Sysco Corporation
Adrienne C. Trimble, Vice President, Chief Diversity & Culture Officer, Sysco Corporation

5 Steps to Making the Impossible Possible

Friday Super Session with Ben Nemtin

We must create inspiration by taking steps toward our goals and this workshop does exactly that. The breakout session includes writing your list, identifying the most important item on your list, dream sharing with an accountability partner and helping one another reach our goals in intimate group settings. These steps are designed to build accountability around personal goals, to generate inspiration by stimulating small actionable steps and to illustrate that help might just be sitting right next to you.