Join the race to win the DSC 500!

DSC attendees will be able to take part in a leader board style competition, “DSC 500”, during this year’s conference.  All attendees (non-exhibitors) are eligible to play.  Attendees will compete over the two days through participation in various event activities such as educational sessions, expo hall and more.  Points will be automatically earned each time an attendee engages in one of the following activities over the three day period.
DSC 500 Leaderboard Activities and Point System

  • Visit any Exhibitor Booth: 5 pts
  • Visit any Allied Exhibitor Booth: 10 pts
  • Visit any Elite/Select Exhibitor Booth: 25 pts
  • Visit Exhibit Hall: 20 pts
  • Visit IFDA Central: 20 pts
  • Participate in Workshop Sessions: 5 pts
  • Participate in Innovation Labs:  25 pts
  • Take a photo of most innovative product you saw on the show floor: 30 pts
Prizes include...

1st Place = $500 Gift Card + Tampa Themed Gift
2nd Place = $200 Gift Card
3rd Place = $150 Gift Card
4th Place = $100 Gift Card
5th Place = $50 Gift Card 

Winners will be announced during the closing Expo Hall on Tuesday, September 13 at 2:45 pm.
Utility Grand Prize Gift Cards at 2 PM on Monday and Tuesday